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  1. I will admit the post match interviews are getting a bit samey recently of him saying that we will learn etc but the next game comes and it's just went the same way as the last...us struggling to put the ball in the net. 

    Was also a bit surprised we never picked up a main striker in Jan but I assume that will be remedied in the Summer. 

    These are only minor things though and over the piece Warburton has been brilliant for our club...really can't wait to see him bringing us Premiership success and hopefully a few good European runs. 


  2. Did not think we missed him that much to be honest. We have been playing exactly the same in the past few matches when he was involved. Although the slump in the last 15-20 is something I have not really seen before this season...we actually looked tired. Hopefully benefit from the 2 day break. 

  3. Not sure I agree about him being the most talented player for us. He is very important though with the goals he has scored.

    Really think we should have got a clinical finisher to play alongside him in the January window but hey ho, hopefully that will get sorted in the Summer. 

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