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  1. 1 minute ago, Laudrup1984 said:

    Frustrated, players irate, angry, need to be more clinical, Some good performances that will go unnoticed due to the result. Spoke of the danger of giving away one corner, one free kick yet it happened. Pleased for MOH. Good for Holt to get an hour. Could have won easily on another day.....

    Any other day and we probably would have. Think we just need to put this one to bed and get looking forward to Tuesday! 

  2. 20 minutes ago, 1NachoNovo said:

    I think Ball may be our best CB aswell, but he played the DM role so well today, it took the pressure off Wilson and Kiernan and let them play better. I'd be happy to keep that set up for the forseeable.

    Yeah I would not mind him playing DM but I just don't trust Wilson, still need convinced he can do it week in week out for us. Think we will be buying another CB in the summer anyways so will see what happens then. 

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