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  1. Ball needs to come back in..drop Wilson, he got found out last time against Hibs and there is nothing to suggest he won't this time round.

    It's not Warburtons style but we need someone to protect the back line as Hibs will pick us off on the counter. This is the key as we will no doubt have more possession but it's when Hibs counter and how we handle that which will determine this game.

  2. Wallace over the season as he has been consistent, chipped in with a few goals and rarely fucks up. Foderingham gets better and better. Holt is a very tidy player and from memory today was his only off day.

    What the fuck has happened to Tavernier though..asked it before but I will ask it again. Had him as our POTS and was playing like a multi million pound player. Now he can hardly do anything right, seeing Falkirks second goal, what was he doing just letting the ball bounce right off him. Really hope he can find his form again.

  3. Yes he did. Then we had the exact same threads demanding he starts. Then he started. Then we had threads demanding [insert youth players name] to start coz Templeton was shit. Then Templeton came on as a sub, played well...and I'm sure you can see the pattern. It's the same with Law.

    100% disagree. Templeton never came on as many games as Law has and made an impact the way he has. Personally, I have never screamed for Templeton to start, his attitude was terrible.

  4. Hibs will turn us over by 3 or 4 next week

    We can't change anything

    We only play one way, we have not got the squad to significantly change things.

    Hibs strikers will have a field day against us

    Defo. It is just so easy to get behind our defence, one long ball over the top and we are done..what was Warburton thinking taking Ball out for Wilson. Such a bad decision.

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