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  1. No need to panic but questions need to be asked. Why have a few of our players performances dipped so much. Tavernier is almost unrecognisable from the start of the season. Barry Mckay is a confidence player and from todays showing he has lost that...his miss in the second half was inexcusable, all he had to do was put his laces through it but instead tried some tame finish with the outside of his boot.

    One plus today was Ball..solid yet again.

  2. Devastating news this. Like others, not that big a Rugby fan but grew up watching Jonah. Will never ever forget his performances in the 95 World Cup. The way he would go through players like they were not even there was insane, and to think this was when he was carrying the kidney disease! From what you read and hear he seemed a total gentleman off the park. Very sad :(

  3. Scottish Sun, right up there with the Beano, The Bunty and the Bare Arse Monthly.

    This is what I don't understand about a lot of the Rangers pages on Facebook, they constantly link stories from The Sun & DR and they are just full of utter bullshit.

  4. Yes, watching BBC Scotland News last night and out of all the interviews with past players and managers who are against title stripping they get the almighty Darren O'Dea who is playing in the Indian league on air and broadcast his opinion of that we should have titles stripped.

    They absolutely LOVE reporting doom & gloom stuff on us and it's getting very tiresome and definitely not impartial news that I would expect from the country we live in.

  5. Defo no reason to panic. However, a good time to talk about our flaws. Danny Wilson being one and the fact we have been needing another striker since day 1..many disagreed when we were pumping shitty teams by 4-5 goals but it's so glaringly obvious we need someone else up there who can put the ball in the net.

    Still, we did play some good stuff in the second half and really should of been a couple of goals to the good. If that's the best opposition we will play this season, I am not worried.

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