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  1. You do realise that if we add another striker that takes away one of our midfield and totally fucks up our system of play and probably leave us even more exposed at the back.

    We lost one game against St Johnstone, We were not at our best on Tuesday, We made individual and collective mistakes.

    We could play St Johnstone again tomorrow and take 4 or 5 off them, I have no doubt about that.

    It terrific that we are still looking for improvement when we are top of the league with 100% record and are averaging 3.5 goals per game.

    Our manager has a system of play that means we play with a lone striker and a midfield 7 who get forward, Lets face it, Tavernier and Wallace don't really defend and spend most of the game in the opponents half. I enjoy that 2-7-1 formation. :uk:

    The number of times on Tuesday when we were attacking in the second half but had nobody in the box was frustrating. Fair enough 1 up front is the way Warburton likes to play but at times when chasing games like we were it would of been good to have another striker up there.

  2. Our central defence is just too slow and they don't seem to have the intelligence to read the game to make up for the lack of pace.

    I also think we really need another striker. I was surprised at Miller starting last night, he really should be used as an impact sub only. Waghorn has been doing reasonably well but I think we would benefit ten fold with a proven goal scorer alongside him.

  3. won in Germany and Rome and 5 set semi loss at Roland Garros. I think the Belgians are clutching at straws if they think Murray is weak on it this year. Be a shame for him to miss the 02 - he was dreadful last year and would have been looking to set that right and maybe finish as world number 2. The tennis calendar year is too full.

    He won the Madrid masters as well..been really impressed with his clay form this year. That is true, the amount of Tennis he has played this year is frightening.

  4. Just read that Murray might miss the London ATP if Belgium choose to play on Clay (which I think they will given it's Murrays least comfortable surface). Not too worried if they do choose Clay as I thought Murray had a great year playing on it.

  5. It will be rife within football. It is out of your system within 24-48 hours of consumption and I've heard horror stories about all the football clubs knowing when the drug tests are taking place.

    EDIT: I'm not sure about any of our players though, they'd never pass the hydration test :lol:.

    True, suppose if they really wanted to clamp down on it they could test hair instead.

    Haha, aye, none of them would get away with it!

  6. My mate and I were talking about this subject over the weekend, why would you even risk taking Coke if you were a professional footballer. Literally millions of people would love to be doing what they do..is it worth the risk just for a wee buzz on a night out?

    Be interesting to find out exactly how rife it is throughout the leagues and which top/high profile players like giving Uncle Charlie a call. Rio Ferdinand is one that springs to mind..

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