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  1. The BBC sport(Scotland) headline on the match report is a joke.. 'Morelos escapes red, then scores, as Rangers down Hibs to stay 23 clear' Any other player and there would be absolutly no mention of a potential red card in a headline.
  2. We've blatantly been supplying Livi with performance enhancing caffeine.
  3. Absolutely mate, can't quite believe how good our defence has been this season, 7 goals conceded at this stage is so good.
  4. We've been waiting for someone like Boyd in the mainstream media for a very very long time. Outstanding.
  5. Definitely but Balogun is an extremely good option to have.
  6. I now believe the league is over. MASSIVE 3 points, fucking brilliant Rangers.
  7. Fucking hell that was sublime from Kamara, what a player he's been this season.
  8. Three things you can always guarantee in life..death, taxes and Davis covering the post.
  9. Agreed it would just be nice to see a level playing field with other teams players mate
  10. The compliance officer will 100% come back out from whatever rock they have been hiding under to hand out a 3 game suspension to Alfredo.
  11. Aye the pitch is a disgrace tbh, just feel we need to get the creativity from somewhere. Players definitely need a gentle reminder for sure.
  12. Gambled with not starting our most creative spark recently (Hagi) and it's not working so think we need to get the wee man on for the second half.
  13. Newell possibly not making the game for them, he was their best player for them at Ibrox.
  14. Welcome Scott, don't know much about him but he is highly regarded by quite a few pundits so hopefully this will turn out well for us. ...and thanks Aberdeen FC for the freebie.
  15. Very much so, but as you say it's all about the big one we've been working towards the past 3 seasons!
  16. True, although at least it's not going to be Lemon lifting another one..
  17. Livi 1-0 up and tearing St Mirren apart here.
  18. Gutted for him. Feel the Aussie open is the one that has just got away from him. If his body hadn't packed in during 2017 he probably would of won it by now.
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