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  1. We need our best players for next season whatever league we are in. Despite being shite for the majority of his time here, Law did come to us having beem nominated for player of the season in the SPL and he has improved under McCall. It's a tough call, I can understand both sides. Personally, I would give him a chance to get his best form back. We all know how McCoist fucked things up with the players.

  2. No excuses, yeah maybe it's gave them a little advantage over the smaller teams who don't have many resources and can't afford to build two 4 G pitches to train on...but we do. Hearts have went down there and beat them twice so there is no reason whatsoever that we can't beat them as well.

  3. Yes, very dissapointing and a total farce of a performance by the team BUT this gives us a chance to see McCall and the players reaction to a loss. I'm hoping it's a massive wake up call and the team will kick on.

    Better now than the last couple of games or in playoffs.

    Just trying to keep things positive..

  4. Harsh, let's just wait and see the reaction to this defeat at the weekend, that will tell us all a lot more of McCalls ability.

    I do feel sorry for him with these group of players though, very very frustrating.

  5. You know what, people have every right to question McCoist, he's fucked the club for the past 3 years. I know it's not good to look on negatives but the more good McCall does you just can't help but think what a fuck up McCoist was.

    It's going to take a lot of us some time to let it go. Was an extremely horrible period in our history.

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