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  1. He is performing just lacking a goal, stuck with Borna when he wasn't performing and look at him now
  2. my sentiments exactly, not the first time he's had a go at the Buff and happy to ignore other players having a below par performances, to be honest after his stint as a manager I can't take any of his opinions seriously
  3. and you dry your chin
  4. aye your easy confused
  5. confusing that you only picked up on certain posts - then again nothing new there
  6. Started reading this thread and wasn't long until it deteriorated into the usual pish slagging off the Buff - had they fuckers going ape shit yesterday and apart from a couple of stray passes played well - end off
  7. put on another post Peter McCloy would have saved the first one and he's in his 70's
  8. your spot on - shitin yourself watching it live then realised how fuckin easy it was
  9. Peter McCloy wouldn't have let the first goal in and he must be in his 70's
  10. so we don't need good players to be successful
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