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  1. Couldn't agree more, I think there is a player there and I think it was a real shame that fuckin Martin players ahead of him, particularly when he just started giving away at least a goal a game.inwoukd like to see cardoso play and fight for a place
  2. kyleh1872


    Just a thought here but I did read that Gerrard green lighted the move to bring him back, reading between the lines, murty seems good at doing what he is told to do. Perhaps Gerrard wants someone at that level who will do what they are told and won't question it? I e this is how I want them playing this is what I want the focus to be on, blah blah and he knows he will do what he is told...perhaps or am a just seeing something that isn't there?
  3. He would have never come, he manages the club who pay the most, Christ he got 12 million for 6 months "work" at Everton
  4. The big things letting us down this season are a weak defence, lack of clinical finishing at times and handbags at dawn in the dressing room. I think fdb is our best option right now, and I think he would also be willing to stay for at least 3 seasons to get his own career back on track, he also the only candidate who has experience playing at a club similar to Rangers with Ajax, their fan base demands victory, and demands it in a good fashion. He has won titles in a competitive league, he was a world class defender in his day so would solve that issue, he would command respect from the player
  5. From looking at the squads reactions the day...it seems that even the Mexicans wanted Pedro gone tbf. I think Herrera is enjoying it here as is Morelos and cardoso. Think alves will be happy to remain Pena still hit and miss. Herrera didn't do much when he came on -he only had 5 minutes be ran around pressing and trying to do something.if you don't want to be here they wouldn't show that kind of effort...perhaps that is why Pena is not in the squad.
  6. I agree, but in context this was a last minute run out with boys as young as 15 getting game time.
  7. What don't people get about these games, do you think Pedro said right lads clean sheet and let's won the game...fuck off. He gave 35 minutes to usual starters...then gave the other 70 minutes to guys that have not been playing much. The result doesn't really matter, they are getting game time in a close to a league game as they can get. He has also had to arrange this very quickly of the back of benfica bailing on the Canada game. It's a run out a chance for fringe players to show what they have to offer. 2 players who don't start scored, and both play midfield and a sticker who couldn't buy
  8. Aye, to me yes, he his less of a wind up merchant but talks shite for a living usually talks shite about shite. And everything he says has some hidden motive that he thinks nobody can see, but is to stupid to have a hide his motives.
  9. Boys is a five star wanker, everytime time I see a link to his "article" I know what I am going to get, pointless shite from a guy who thinks he k knows everything, to me he is on a par with Sutton. Results have not been perfect, but recruitment shambolic that's just shite, Morelos has been on good form as has candeias, Pena not doing well at the moment Herrera looks good, Declan John is excellent cardoso is a bit hot and cold...to say it is shambolic just shows how full of shit he is...course he is going to back miller. He would back miller if miller admitted he was the leak, he is just a daf
  10. I hope what Pedro did is true, and hope that it was well received as the RO suggests. This is the one thing that is stopping us competing with celtic in anyway. Several games this season we have seen a lack of fight, or a nervousness, an attitude from the players that, something is going to go wrong and I don't want to be responsible for it. Take partick in the cup game, no Rangers team should ever sit back at 1 nil up and hope they ride it out, and the whole time Pedro was screaming for the players to press high and get in their face.if Pedro solves this issue you immediately get improved per
  11. To be fair he does slightly I believe that Warburton was saying Ross would be shite at CB so encouraged using him as RB. Pedro and the youth staff have seen something else
  12. Well said that fuckin Griffith's wiping his dirty snotters on the corner flag and fuckin brown trying to start a fight with our manager never in a million years would you see Rangers players conduct themselves in that manner even if they were 6 in a row champions and rinsing the league. The fucking aragonce and disrespect is unbelievable (and it will be their downfall) who do they think they are. Fine they won 6 in a row, 5 out of 6 they basically had no competition settle doon cunts...the one good thing for me is that disrespect will make it hurt all the more when we do fuckin pump them hopef
  13. I think it may be that perhaps miller is very frustrated with his performances and Pedro has maybe said look chill out goals will come relax. Imo he has to start the old firm especially as Morelos will likely start...look how easily Morelos was wound up against partick. Miller is the type of guy to score the opener on that old firm game having been poor so far this season he has a track record of scoring when it matters in big games his experience will.lrove vital a don't think he will play the full 90 but it makes sense to start him
  14. He has played well the work ethic on the boy is class...think we have been a little slow at times on the build up but in control of the game in the main...Declan John has done well also...one mistake getting sold the dummy but he has done well...hate to say it but fuck me, Kenny miller has been really poor...seems to be like a statue the night as opposed to running about like a heedless chicken
  15. Fuckin right!!! I am sick to death of so much winging on here about the ref last weekend and fuckin Lennon and complaining to the fuzz fuck sake...ref made a cunt and Lennon is a dick...it was a joke. Back to fucking FOOTBALL PLEASE..a think we will be up for it after that joke of a game against hibs, tbh I think this game can't come quick enough for Hertz either...they know we will be hurting and want to prove a point could be a demolition...fingers crossed it is!!
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