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  1. This is one of the very few times I'm watching someone referee a game and can't think anything other than "something's up here". No handball penalty, yellow for Barisic when they get off with 2/3 significantly worse fouls, and I'm not sure I've ever seen a more ridiculous penalty given. This cunt's fucking at it
  2. Cunt should be pulled up for this during a pandemic IMG_0468.MOV
  3. What’s the rules on taking snus out of your rabid popcorn mouth and chucking it on the ground in the middle of a pandemic? That’s surely something for the CO to look at.
  4. Imagine losing to Livi reserves. Snus MacPherson will be wanting an apology from the plastic pitch shortly
  5. The smellies over at KDS seem to think @covid88bhoys on Twitter is Lemon. Probably because he's the only cunt still left defending him
  6. Head and shoulders above Forrest.
  7. Just imagine the result if we'd had someone else in for that shitebag Niko today. I hope the team take the confidence they deserve from that performance, and carry it forward into the coming games. There's no-one in this league we ought to be afraid of.
  8. Warbuton's ethos wasn't "everyone will get a game" though, it was "you're ma bestie, and I'll play you regardless of how pish you are, because I'm fiercely stubborn to the point of stupidity".
  9. He's a shitebag. I'd rather a full team of Andy Hallidays, who'll actually give a bit of bite, even despite how shite he is. I was a big defender of McKay right throughout the Championship season, but he's needed dropped for a long time. Until he grows a bit of backbone he'll never be anything close to what we need, since he'll always be bullied off the ball by the bigger boys.
  10. Utter damning indictment of Warburton that a youth coach can come in and give us our best performance this season against the taigs. Almost looked like we'd been practicing something other than the tippy-tappy shite in training. All the best to Murty. Hope he's given a chance to continue his good work here at Rangers.
  11. Get rid of both the cunts. They've both shown themselves to be well below par this season, against mediocre opposition. Give Barrie time and space on the ball and he can work wonders. Put pressure on him, up the physical game, and he's like a wee boy. Cunt couldn't win a 70-30 challenge in his favour. Fod is so ill-equipped with the ball at his feet he'd be out his depth in an under-7s match. Someone take the cunt aside and get him to work with the ball at his feet for a few hours at training. They're both sopping wet shitebags; that's the worst part. Maybe one day Barrie will come g
  12. If anyone fancies geeing themselves an aneurysm, take a gander at the comments under the Guardian's report of the match. Trendy-lefty fenian bastards. Trying to pretend it was just a few rambunctious fellas running onto the pitch for some jolly japes rather than several serious assaults and abusive, destructive, goading behaviour. I saw cunts getting kicked in the head, all while stewards and police stood by and watched the unwashed flood onto the pitch. Cunts, the lot of them. Heads better roll for this shite.
  13. What's this pish about Barrie not playing well? Was I watching a different match today? I thought he played superbly; made the most of the ball every time he was on it. I think he plays even better going through the middle of the park, although I agree that having too many lightweights in the centre of midfield isn't useful for the team overall.
  14. I'd be very surprised if you still held those opinions by the end of the game. The guy's been unreal the second half; he offers more in every conceivable way compared to temps.
  15. Cunts'll be fuckin spewin about that disallowed goal. Makes it even sweeter. Great end to the day.
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