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  1. Just a reminder for anyone who isn't aware, this evening's game v Aberdeen is on RTV inside the UK/ROI. https://rangerspayments.streamamg.com/account/register/step1 I won't be able to come up and take my seat sadly so I've paid the £9.99 to give myself the best chance of feeling like I'm there in spirit. Look after each other Bears.
  2. Apologies if posted already, just seen a great point made; Rangers are 150 years old. We wear five stars to represent our achievements in that time. Walter Smith is responsible for one of them.
  3. Didn't expect it to hurt like this.
  4. Walter Smith's managerial career at Rangers began with putting Aberdeen to the sword and it's been largely the same ever since.
  5. One of them on Clyde SSB fallen for the FaceApp picture a belter 😂
  6. Thanks mate, I obviously missed it while running about the livingroom and shouting "Alfredo!" in the missus' face.
  7. Surprised not to see Alfredo get a yellow for going in the crowd (not that I think he or any player should).
  8. What's the "homophobic" abuse and why is it upsetting poor wee Ryan?
  9. Need to give the wee prick it stinking at Hampden.
  10. The pandemic has been a dream for people who like being the best at following the rules.
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