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  1. I agree - Steven Gerrard and his team make what I think are the three cornerstones of successful football coaching; a leader (Gerrard) a master tactician (Beale) and a man manager (McAllister) and that's why we're looking so good now. Walter was all three of those things in one and we'll never see the likes of that again.
  2. I'm trying not to get carried away. It's a credit to the team that Stevie and his backroom team have crafted that I don't worry about Europe. Get Sunday sorted and I'll be saying it's a good week.
  3. Senfuckingsational. Bird and I were promising ourselves we wouldn't stay out for seven pints like Saturday, that goal had us out for six.
  4. Just Roofe btw 💙
  5. Can it be played from the start? 😩
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    Gie's it. Gie's pumping the filth all the time.
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    All is forgiven 💙
  8. “Jorg-y boy” 💙 https://www.instagram.com/tv/CGIYLdchmSl/?igshid=czb6doaid870
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