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  1. More money and a parachute in to the Europa groups I think?
  2. Saw that, think he was getting played offside though 😣
  3. Another half hour sooking energy out their wee unfit legs.
  4. Keep thinking the Danes are bursting in to Build My Gallows.
  5. I can understand the booing to a degree although I wouldn't dream of doing it myself as it sends a simplistic and easily misunderstood message to the players when it's much more important to show them support and gratitude. BLM is a Marxist, racist, hateful and violent organisation, a bunch of book burners and frauds who operate it as a Ponzi scheme - it's no wonder people call it Buy Lots of Mansions. This whole debate could be nullified if football players across the game chose a different gesture than one started by and indelibly linked to that organisation - but whilst Rangers players are
  6. Nah. I was seething when Tranmere beat us and I was delighted we beat Real Madrid. Because that's what I think Rangers is about.
  7. Covid from close contacts with an Arsenal player or staff member last week or something else?
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