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  1. Several thousand rhabid filth belting songs out about it constantly would disagree.
  2. To bam any filth fans up who start to treat him with kindness again now that he's gone, say very soberly and sincerely "I reckon yous could have recovered the challenge for the ten if he'd walked in October".
  3. I wrote on Facebook earlier this week; celtic could still match or beat their 17/18 and 18/19 total points tallies come the end of the season - but are still 18 points off Rangers in February. Don't let anyone tell you they gave it away. Rangers won this.
  4. Rumours he got asked to resign for calling Laxalt a dyke 👀
  5. Steve Clarke please, the man who had the brass neck to cry crocodile tears and thank Chelsea for taking him and his family away from sectarian prejudice in Scotland in utter denial of the fact that he played for fans who wouldn't allow a person of colour with them on the terraces or in the Chelsea team. The perennial victimhood mentality is perfect for that club.
  6. You're kidding yourself on if someone, somewhere isn't going to point to my conduct and call it a disgrace to Scotland the day we win 55.
  7. He did save our titles from the 5 Way Agreement, of that I am sure. I think he had to manage in an impossible situation, don't forget he had us in a good position before we were robbed of points in 2012 - after the majority of our squad left and vultures took the boardroom the cards were stacked against him. And this picture shows what managing and winning for Rangers meant to him, consider what him and the team prevented that day and how it might happen for us in a few weeks. Ultimately what sets our legends apart is that he knew when to call time on himself for the good of the Club and that'
  8. Me too, fucking bird's asleep right next to me.
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