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  1. First real bit of quality. Hopefully that opens the game up now.
  2. The one at 1-1 when Sterling floated it on to his right foot at back post was a sitter.
  3. Aye, probably right. They were immense last night
  4. Bit harsh on Guardiola. Jesus & Sterling both missed absolute sitters and thekeeper fucked it. Bayern will pish it now
  5. That was a foul, although it was also very poor goalkeeping.
  6. It's been a strange start, 3 clean sheets and maximum points without playing particularly well. Barisic free kick tonight was crucial as we were looking pedestrian and creating very little.
  7. hopefully you've got tomorrow off to watch the game.
  8. Aye, he's the reason we've got a game on Thursday to look forward to. Wasn't a standout today but nowhere near as bad as some are making out.
  9. Had the measure of us easily but they are a decent team, nothing more.
  10. Needs to stick to soccer. Not his fault though. Looks like one of the many signings that cost Mark Allen his job.
  11. Hope so. Could say the same for most of the bench and reserve squad though. They all get better the less they play.
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