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  1. Last game I was up for we could hardly pick a pass to our own players. Don’t want the grass the same colour as the shirts or we will have no hope
  2. I want players to go mental when subbed. Make them want and play for their place !
  3. Oh and stop signing ‘Rangers men’ who cannot play for toffee. I am a ‘Rangers girl’ but wouldn’t expect to be on the teamsheet. We need talent not fans in shirts. (Having said that, if I was playing I would have at least tried to break a leg or two before rolling over)
  4. What is this ‘ahead of the curve’? Just how shite were they expecting us to be if we are ahead of expectations????
  5. Aye the board may be penniless crooks but if this is the only way we can do business and strengthen the team until we can offload some shite bought by previous managers and get money in from season tickets then so be it.
  6. Most of them seem to find the pressure of playing at Ibrox too much and the weight of the jersey too heavy imo.
  7. They were fairly useless bastards midweek as well to be fair. The difference was that they were lucky useless bastards then.
  8. I agree with you for once. Give the lad a try in the new set up. If it works then all good, if not ship him for good.
  9. McCrorie and Tav and I think I would go for Jack as he is a consistent anchor. Windass when in form is great but can be utter dog shite at other times.
  10. The players are finally showing some balls and passion and playing for our makeshift manager who is putting his heart and soul into the job and some people want to walk out while the team is still playing? Fuck that idea
  11. Twice he has stepped up to one of the highest pressure jobs in football despite his lack of experience and twice he has done a decent enough job with the time and resources he has had. Deserves our sincere thanks, but not the job...yet.
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