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  1. My Car has a CD slot only and it doesn’t have a USB slot
  2. Anyone know where to get Rangers match day songs on a CD
  3. I have been watching his YouTube channel for just over 2 years and he is really good on covering any news regarding Rangers
  4. I remember the now song now it’s called Still The Blues
  5. I think it goes something like “Win or lose I’ll still be there”, “We’re still the blues” then goes “Glasgow Rangers ,Glasgow Rangers”. I hope someone can remember it as I have been trying to remember the name of the song for a while. If anyone can remember I’d Really appreciate it
  6. Thanks for telling how to get new ones sent out
  7. My Dad lost our season tickets at the game tonight, we sit in the Sandy Jardine stand and if anyone finds them please let me know as soon as possible
  8. How much is the Orange top as My Dad is interested in getting one
  9. Does anybody know when the new Rangers kit is coming out
  10. I think we need at least another 2 or 3 more signings
  11. How many more signings do we need during this summer transfer window
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