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  1. Why wouldn't they? He epitomises everything that rancid cancer of a club stands for. Look out for the mental health victim card being played as soon as the abuse (which he is sure to get,rightly, every ground he goes to) starts.
  2. He's a Rangers player and will remain so until such times an offer is made the club deems acceptable. Regardless of the league he plays in and the dross he faces such as Livingston and Pacific Shelf 595 1994* he has proved his worth in Europe. If we value him at 20 million that to me seems a perfectly fair fee when you compare it with some of the other fees being payed at the moment for absolute non entities. I hope the club sticks to its guns.
  3. An embarrassment to Scotland. Cringeworthy,from the dirge of an "anthem" (complete with even more cringeworthy add ons) to the bulging guts hanging over the ill fitting skirts to daft headgear,everything about them is squirm in ones seat material.
  4. Anyone would think with the amount of sevcoing going on recently that we'd clinched 55 or something. I was far from an insolvency expert or even remotely knowledgeable about the power and work of liquidators or administrators in 2012,yet within a month i had figured out the procedure that was put in place to save the club itself. A successful CVA although the most desireable route is not the only one. This pretty much sums it up from an article i came across recently. "Is Rangers a new club? No, because Sevco did not apply for new membership; rather, a transfer of the SFA
  5. And then they fuck it up by tweeting about Harry Hood and confirming us as the same club resulting in the hordes of sevcoites going into full timplosion mode. This season just gets better and better,they can't even sevco properly.
  6. We even have ex players and the clubs official twitter feed going full on sevco mode. The level of emotional destruction has exceeded my wildest imaginings. " 55 has broken them" does not even come close. From "politicians" and pundits to ex players the club itself and of course the deranged fan base this last few weeks have been joyous beyond anything i had wished for.
  7. Two observations. One,it's a tawdry attempt to get the gullible back on side for season ticket renewals and two it's now abundantly clear we have absolutely broken them. My happiness increases every day.
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