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  1. Just saw Glass saying they were undone by a free kick which was not a free kick and a penalty which was not a penalty. And of course his comments have attracted a plethora of savcoites. This is becoming a regular theme,with one or two exceptions,where Rangers cannot get through a match without something being "controversial". They all seem to be at it.
  2. I dont think yesterday had anything to do with it,if anything i thought,wrongly,it would spur us on to finally put in a performance. We have been utter pish all season.
  3. I havent seen anyone concede the league,however only blind Pew from treasure island would fail to see our dramatic slump combined with Savco gaining momentum and confidence from our weekly fuck ups,if it continues,is going to end up a disaster. I will be astonished if we are still top in a couple of weeks time.
  4. We are still in serious trouble. I dont expect us to be top for to much longer.
  5. We are sinking at an alarming rate,Hearts must be kicking themselves. Meanwhile Savco are gaining momentum also at an alarming rate. I honestly thought on tonight of all nights, against an injury hit sheep side who just happen to be also shite,that we would finally put in the performance of the season. I expected to much from this bunch of charlatans. Disgusted. How Gerrard arrests this freefall i have no idea.
  6. This in a nutshell. Both shagger and Alfredo are culpable. But the entire team aren't putting sides away and we are always liable to leak a goal. Until we start scoring goals this will continue. And if it carries on we won't be top of the table much longer.
  7. It's looking more likely we will drop more points.
  8. I don't share this optimism. We should be well clear but are only one point ahead of a mediocre Hearts and four ahead of Savco. They will be gaining confidence from every fuck up we produce. I think we certainly should win 56 but I'd be lying if I said I thought we absolutely will.
  9. Morelos needs put on the bench missing far to many clear cut chances. My gran could have buried that chance from Roofe. We aren't scoring enough and are leaking goals like the Titanic boiler room. And Gerrard's use of subs is bizarre and that's me being kind. This game should have been won comfortably
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