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  1. Every bit the player and built like a gable end. Who needs a demolition ball with this guy in the ranks. Different from Barisic but as I've said, what a fucking quality option to have. Love him.
  2. I'm now seeing a team that has character and the self belief to win things. Great options all over the park. Backing one another up. Some of the movement is just breathtaking. We are showing some steel in our spine. Teams are struggling with us. Then look at Bassey. Different from Barisic, but what a fucking option. He's a player! Tav has turned a big corner for me and even better when he was at his best a few years ago. Team is clicking. This was no easy fixture tonight, but for me there was only going to be one winner. Should have been four. Think this is now a
  3. Fucking well earned. 0-2 away from home all day long. Not our our most fluent, but fucking enjoyed that.
  4. 10 minutes gone and not a fucking goal scored. Unacceptable Rangers. Get the fucking finger out.
  5. I said previously, he has turned a corner mentally. Confidence is back. More free flowing and the hunger is showing more than before. Definitely developing into the leader we need. I could argue he is better going forward than before. Timing and movement superb. He is frightening the oppo big time with those runs. Crossing and finishing causing defences serious problems. Between him and Barisic on those flanks it's, they are quite an awesome combination for anyone to face. The team appear to clicking at last. Though we hardly got out of first gear yesterday, there was still
  6. Cunty broon looked every bit the beaten man yesterday. He fucking hates Alfie with vengeance and not getting him sent off will add to his misery.
  7. Fuck, what a player! Exciting to watch.
  8. Alfie psyched that cunt broon straight into his hip pocket. As long he's here he will remain a target for the yahoo's in the game. I don't want him losing his character and he's definitely getting much smarter during games. He still works his butt off, but I say he contributes much more, better link up, giving the front line a better end product.
  9. Quite simply a talentless cunt! Long may they play him.
  10. Quietly confident. Victory is ours. We move on without fuss. It was only the scum we beat and 3 points like all the rest. Fuck them!
  11. You read Silent State by  Heather Brooke mate, if not I think you’d find it interesting.

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