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  1. As I've said, a big achievement, by the best manager and the best man in the league. Professional in all he does. He's literally made the haters look like the utter fools they are.
  2. Thoroughly deserved. The better achievement, the better manager and the better man by a country mile. Glad to see I was proven correct. The ah but Davidson brigade can do one.
  3. And the difference in budget to us and the scum?! Just too many holes I'm afraid. So I'll happily leave that to you, in your quest to talk even more shite than me.
  4. Well according some in here, Davidson had the better achievement so deserves MOTY. Must be a fire sale on the crack at the minute.
  5. No worries. Kennedy will make sure he makes a cunt of it. Backstab the cunt to fuck to get the job himself.
  6. Simply, they've hired a loser. No spine. Not inspirational. The cheaper option. The scum will see him as a safe pair of hands. No worries there and fuck them!
  7. Give that O'Keane fella the gig ffs. The best man for them by a country mile. Fuck the pope!
  8. What a horrible cowardly bastard. Needs skinned alive. Good to see his victims will have their day in court and hopefully some closure. Also, this slips under the radar with all the faux outrage against us. Hopefully many more prosecurions to come and maybe a major reason why Liewell is for the off. ...... "A man will stand trial in July accused of indecently assaulting a teenager at Celtic Park and another at the club’s former Barrowfield training ground. Frank Cairney, 85, is also charged with indecently assaulting another teenage boy at a hotel room in Aviemore and in a car i
  9. Sheep still looking positive and up for it. The scum are shit. Could turn this around, or is that too much to ask?
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