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  1. Maybe better to say where do we need to strengthen to take us where we want to be, far less just retaining the crown. Gerrard is on for bigger and better things with this squad. Left defence needs improved and we'd get good money for Barisic. Likewise with our central defence by one. Helander is decent, but we need better. We also need a midfield general with steel. Think we are a bit spoiled for choice up front. Wright and Hagi will become stalwarts. Think Aribo needs improved upon. All in all we do have a pretty decent team, with improvements in 3 or 4 areas we'd
  2. Would need a thread on its own and then it's who raises their head above the parapit. It's not that we've got bad players, we just need more of better quality, with the never say die attitude. Nothing stands still. If you do, you've lost.
  3. He's not alone. We have to raise the bar again next season. Retain the title, go for the domestic treble and go further in Europe, has to be our goal. Whilst the squad have served us well, there's no time for sentiment if we want to step up to the next rung on the ladder. Room is needed to make way for better to come in.
  4. Seeing as Howe is not already there and took up "the best job in the world", they have a need to deflect to the narrative that he's shite anyway. I'm going all in for Steve Clarke!
  5. I'm quickly getting the impression that the scum are in some sort of crises.
  6. He's got some fucking voice. Fucking son of Frankenstein!
  7. Think Laurie should run for office. The fucking dole office!
  8. Oh FFS. Glasgow comes to a standstill as Laurie addresses the city.
  9. Our greatest keeper ever. Apart from his very obvious ability, he literally terrorised the oppo.
  10. Aribo is a luxury. Better we used him sparingly from the bench.
  11. This lad is a player and under Gerrard's guidance he will be one of our finest assets.
  12. Obviously we forgot to feed the team earlier. Players are showing some fucking hunger. Some great individual performances. Wright, Patterson and Bassey, the potential there is immense and fuck playing against Bassey. Meat and two veg there!!
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