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  1. I said previously, he has turned a corner mentally. Confidence is back. More free flowing and the hunger is showing more than before. Definitely developing into the leader we need. I could argue he is better going forward than before. Timing and movement superb. He is frightening the oppo big time with those runs. Crossing and finishing causing defences serious problems. Between him and Barisic on those flanks it's, they are quite an awesome combination for anyone to face. The team appear to clicking at last. Though we hardly got out of first gear yesterday, there was still
  2. Cunty broon looked every bit the beaten man yesterday. He fucking hates Alfie with vengeance and not getting him sent off will add to his misery.
  3. Fuck, what a player! Exciting to watch.
  4. Alfie psyched that cunt broon straight into his hip pocket. As long he's here he will remain a target for the yahoo's in the game. I don't want him losing his character and he's definitely getting much smarter during games. He still works his butt off, but I say he contributes much more, better link up, giving the front line a better end product.
  5. Quite simply a talentless cunt! Long may they play him.
  6. Quietly confident. Victory is ours. We move on without fuss. It was only the scum we beat and 3 points like all the rest. Fuck them!
  7. You read Silent State by  Heather Brooke mate, if not I think you’d find it interesting.

  8. Can't really complain at that result. Never under any real threat. A bit sluggish in the midfield and need to be sharper in front of goal, but with players like Hagi and Bassey coming off the bench I wont panic too much. FFS, we had Barker coming on and slotting a perfect one in from a Hagi through ball. Not my favourite player, but well done to the lad. Good use of subs also. We've stacked up a good run and came through a tough tie midweek with flying colours and if we ever play to our full potential, we'd be running up cricket scores. So I can't get too hysterical today.
  9. All day long mate. There's not that many ex footballers/managers as articulate as him. They all sound rank amateurs next to him. He was a seriously tidy player and no shrinking violet compared to guys twice his size. Love the guy.
  10. Too many square passes in that midfield. Just need to up the tempo and get the ball forward quicker and we'll murder them.
  11. Neil McCann a walking Rangers encyclopedia. His recall on particular moves in past games is frightening. Very comfortable and a natural in front of the camera. His knowledge of the game is unsurpassed amongst the punditry. A clever guy and a great listen.
  12. Sorted. To add, I cannot see the issue with allowing limited capacity to watch games, say a fifth of ground capacity in what is open spaces and with the usual measures in place in masks, social distancing etc. so a low risk scenario. No hospitality of course as It's the indoor public spaces that are the high risk areas. For lower league clubs, most dont even get near even that, so all a bit illogical imo. The problem the bigger clubs would have in opening up with limited capacity, especially us with all STs sold, it could end up costing the club money in opening up to 8,000 fan
  13. After that statement, any chance we had of getting fans in has just evaporated!
  14. As much as I would like to think it is, the experts said only last week that there is no evidence to support this. Much to my disappointment as government have a total cunt of it. I do get the UEFA logic, because an untried vaccine on a novel virus that has been developed without the usual gates and caveats in such a short time, will be no panacea as the experts have already said. Then there is tge level of uptake. I just cant see the masses swarming to get jagged up for something that is toxic and unproven as to it's long term effects. I seriously doubt we will be seeing fans i
  15. It's been a long wait to get back to what he is capable of. I just feel his performances have suffered with that armband. Thursday's performance was a watershed moment. He was simply awesome. His craft going forward is what he is. Plenty of flair and guile to an end product. Came out of the traps in that first fifteen like his life depended on it. Keep that standard up and give the oppo the fear and we will have no fear. All the accolades well earned. Just keep that up and deliver us the title, he will become the legend that we want him to be..
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