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  1. 10 mil for Pingpong ?! Tav must be worth 100mil. Either that or the scum are the centre of a money laundering operation.
  2. Not much to say about the game today really, but YAAAAASSSSS YA BAAASTAAAARD. Good to see my wee bit of inspirational thought earlier actually came to fruition for once. Some nice football on show, both collectively and individually. Great energy. So, the message to the scum is, you are now free to jump off the Erskine Bridge at your leisure. For the authorities, we'll deal with you corrupt cunts later!
  3. Three up and another 3 on the way and I'll wet the pampers. Good football out there today. Good tempo, great energy. Tav a bit off, but that's allowed. 23 points points to the better after today and the pressure is all on us, right? Who was the stupid taig cunt that came out with that shite? More psychotropic drugs and rope on the way for those taig cunts.
  4. Today we send a message. A footballing lesson in the beautiful game, far less in our integrity and professionalism. To the imposters in the east end and to those who govern our Scottish game! We are simply the best! And we are coming for every last fucking one of you! Fuck, don't know what came over me there. Need a lie doon! A 1-0 will fine!
  5. Think SSB have got the taigs on lockdown.
  6. Give Shuggie his due, he disnay mind fucking right intay that shower a shite.
  7. OK, just gie Stevie the money ffs! Now get the fucking taigs oan for the evening's entertainment.
  8. Scum Admin rumour out there(load of shite I know) but hopefully some daftie actually takes the bait and tries to debunk it. Would be peak listening. The lemon must stay!
  9. Relish the thought, but probably shite. No CL money must be hurting big time with that wage bill. However the cunts always seem to ballance it in getting OTT transfer fees for their grossly over rated players.
  10. Looks like the Macaroni has given TLB a bad case of indigestion. OK. I'll get ma coat.
  11. Before and after the sunbeds. Both a pair of taig bastards.
  12. The are a breed apart. And I wouldn't give monkeys a bad name.
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