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  1. As I've said, a big achievement, by the best manager and the best man in the league. Professional in all he does. He's literally made the haters look like the utter fools they are.
  2. Thoroughly deserved. The better achievement, the better manager and the better man by a country mile. Glad to see I was proven correct. The ah but Davidson brigade can do one.
  3. And the difference in budget to us and the scum?! Just too many holes I'm afraid. So I'll happily leave that to you, in your quest to talk even more shite than me.
  4. Well according some in here, Davidson had the better achievement so deserves MOTY. Must be a fire sale on the crack at the minute.
  5. So what are they saying? The award is for MOTY after all. The bigger achievement is winning the league by far. So, ah but?
  6. Think you missed the point. I was being facetious. Firstly, Gerrard is the better manager. Secondly he deserves the ward for what he has achieved this season in the top domestic competition over a whole season. However, some are literally saying Davidson is the better man, by saying he deserves the award. Now, call me old fashioned, but when the fuck does winning a cup a greater achievement? We are Rangers, we desire the best within our means, so with some seeing Davidson as the better achiever, we should be hiring him, right?! I mean, he'd just run amock with our squad, right? Wrong!
  7. Let's get Gerrard to fuck as Davidson is obviously the man. Aye football is fickle right enough.
  8. There is no comparison as to which is the more difficult to win. Then add to our success in Europe, that also gives the scum a boost. It's like saying Davidson is a better manager than Gerrard and there is only one answer to that.
  9. No chance. Unbeaten in the league and winning it by a barrow load, there can only be one contender.
  10. All day long! Best player by a country mile up here.
  11. There is only one winner. If it goes elsewhere, it will signal nothing has changed and its full on drain the swamp time.
  12. As much as I despise those bastards. As they say, keep your enemies closer. As champions we gain more clout, so it's about using it to our advantage and influence the proceedings. Smile, whilst giving them twelve inches of polished Sheffield between their shoulder blades. Play the cunts for the poodles they are.
  13. True many are parasites, but I fucking despise ManU and their cuntish gobshite fans. They deserve a takeover by fat uncle Mike and let them experience what real commercial rape feels like. Relegation would be a chuckle.
  14. A seriously close call this season. Between him and McGregor I think.
  15. Listening to a taig in pain is hard to beat.
  16. Our best player. We can't lose him. Simples.
  17. I can but sum up my feelings after this sterling performance in quoting my good wife after a session. "well satisfied"!
  18. Durty republican scum bastard that needs to go hang himself to shed his tumultuous self loathing.
  19. Oh well. The first of Alfie's brace. We'll executed. Now scud those bastards.
  20. Free header. Not Simpson fault as he had two men to cover.
  21. Fucking YAAASSSSSSS! Cheerio McGregor. Now bury these cunts.
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