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  1. I knew I’d regret clicking this thread.
  2. I’m sure we have a limited budget this window. Im going to View this as a positive which will lead to another signing coming in this window. He’s loaned now and has a firm clause for us to make it permanent in the summer. This now frees up the cash that would have been spent on him for another target.
  3. Also on the clubs official site... https://Rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/murphy-joins-gers/
  4. https://Rangers.co.uk/news/galleries/gallery-gers-head-america/
  5. I agree, there are some gems, there’s also the guys who’ve already made the breakthrough. Others, who may not make the grade, for whatever reason, may prove a fruitful, if reduced revenue stream in the future. The one thing I have noticed though from watching the games program, many of our boys quite often look light weight in comparison to their opponents. Not sure if that’s because our boys are playing up an age level or two but I’d like to see some more meat on the bones for when they have to deal with the hammer throwers in Scotland’s top flight.
  6. Ffs. Clearly injured and left on crutches... obviously, get him to fuck... can we not just be glad of a good result and know it could have been better with a little more luck and a bit more heading practice?
  7. Fuck the BBC, we clobbered them inthat second half and should have came away with at least a goal possibly three.
  8. Played really well today and kept his concentration up. Forced the withdrawal of Sinclair in the second half and with a bit of luck could have had a fantastic winner.
  9. Another solid performance from a young man who gets a lot of stick from some. Well done to him and the whole team today.
  10. Yeah, that one makes you wonder for sure eh?
  11. Yes. That’s what they discussed on Rangers Radio in the post game show tonight. Definitely discussed as only a rumour though.
  12. Rumoured two Norwich players arriving in January.
  13. ...we can agree he’s absolute crap I think.
  14. Hmm... “in fairness, he was a cracking player when the legs done what the brain wanted them to.”
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