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  1. At first glance Ajer looks a player because he can tackle, bring the ball out from the back and has pace, but I think every Rangers fan knows he can be a liability defensively. He looks every bit a midfielder playing centre back (I believe he was a midfielder before he went to celtic). Also he’s a wee fanny.
  2. Good news, the more we employ staff who understand the club like Thompson does the better.
  3. I'm not disagreeing that he has failed at Middlesbrough. My point was, if he hadn't have failed, we wouldn't have a chance of getting him.
  4. But if he was at the top end of the championship on the brink of the premier league we wouldn’t have a chance of getting him... our support need to except that we’re not going to attract a manager with a perfect CV.
  5. Would love to see monk appointed, wanted him to be MW’s replacement.
  6. I like Holt, he tries and gets stuck in, but him and Dorrans are on a different level.
  7. Does also make you realise how costly the Caixinha appointment was. If we’d have hired a decent manager and spent that £8 million or however much it was on decent players rather than shite like Pena and Herrera, we’d surely be more than 5 points better off than we are now.
  8. If we can start putting pressure on him Rodgers will crumble. It’s the reason he is a laughing stock in England.
  9. If we get the right appointment before it is out of sight, we could really mount a serious challenge, especially with them still being in Europe. The problem is, no one seems to know who the right appointment is.
  10. I actually used to play with their keeper, he gets into the England U19 squad so for Hardie to score a hat-trick is pretty impressive.
  11. I actually don't think there is much of a gulf in terms of pure ability, I just think all of their players are playing at the very top of their game due to confidence and their manager. The majority of our players have the ability to be performing at a much higher level than they are imo.
  12. If we can get an early goal and force them to come out, we'll hammer them.
  13. After showing their quality in the last 3 matches by going toe to toe with top opposition, will be interesting to see how the players deal with what will undoubtedly be 10 men behind the ball as that is what they will have to face for the majority of the season!
  14. Think he could be very useful to have coming off the bench for when we are chasing a game, given his injury record I hope Pedro's plans don't revolve around him being a crucial part of the squad.
  15. SO frustrating that Pedro keeps starting him. Last season I assumed it was for a lack of options but now he's starting ahead of our 1mil signing who is the most match fit player in our squad! utterly bizzare.
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