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  1. Might have missed it but have we stopped trying to sign him & I see we are linked to a 33 year old former brentford midfielder on a free.
  2. Eustace might only be captain for one year so don't know what would be better him for a year then Wilson or Wilson with him backing him up for a year.
  3. Could he do a job as captain? Me personally I think he could do a job as captain done well with hearts. Maybe with eustace as vice.
  4. Has any one seen this guy play? Any good?
  5. I was quiet young at the time but I really liked Eric bo Andersen, always remember watching him & he always seemed to score.
  6. Play-offs SPFL PLAY-OFF DATES 2014/15 Scottish Premiership play-offs Saturday May 9, 2015 Premiership play-off quarter-final, 1st leg Wednesday May 13, 2015 Premiership play-off quarter-final, 2nd leg Saturday May 16, 2015 Premiership play-off semi-final, 1st leg Saturday May 23, 2015 Premiership play-off semi-final, 2nd leg Thursday May 28, 2015 Premiership play-off final, 1st leg Sunday May 31, 2015 Premiership play-off final, 2nd leg These are the dates of the play offs that will mean ibrox on Thursday the 28th of May if we get that far.
  7. What if we don't get up. Would anyone deserve a new contract?
  8. I was always impressed with Tom Hateley as a RB maybe put mcgregor in CB.
  9. There is a lot of players out of contract. Who would you like to see replace them e.g Hutton out/ Allen in, Boyd out/ Emmanuel Thomas in. Straight swaps for any player.
  10. I was wrong about him, I said that I wasn't impressed with him the first few games but he has been one of the bright sparks this season.
  11. Jay Emmanuel Thomas, think he is a free agent this summer done well with Bristol City.
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