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  1. Can't even pass the ball more than 10 yards without losing it, if that's the case I think were in need of a few new decent signings. As well as booting tav, Holt and waggy out the door unless they get a proper showing of how to pass a ball about.?
  2. That Adisson threw the game away for Kilmarnock, to put Aberdeen 6 points clear. Hopefully we can get the win in the bag today.
  3. In my opinion Warburton is exactly the same as ally, the same way how ally played ian black back a while a go. Needs the sack in my opinion.?
  4. I don't believe it either but I'm just wondering if anyone else have heard about it
  5. just seen this on Instagram. Not sure to belive it??.
  6. Get Haliday of Warburton. This reminds me of when Ally Mcoist wouldn't bring Ian Black off.?
  7. Yeah it will eventually go through Warburtons head that the defence needs sorting.?
  8. Just get David weir on and we'll be sorted??
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