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  1. I talk about it all the time. Infact when me and my mates are all mwi, we tend to watch 4-0, 4-2 tarrier games and PSV games, 1-0 wee rod 88 minute winner aswell at the piggery
  2. Any reason we’re playing Sunday and not on the tele? Infact no Scottish fitbaw on sky this weekend?
  3. Daily record headline May 1972... ”Ulster peace may be near” 🤣🤣🤣
  4. Quite possibly the greatest thing I now own.
  5. Gonnae try and keep a list of the programmes and tickets I have/need.
  6. We need someone better than Balogun next to goldson next season if we want to keep pushing forward and improving for the CL and title again next season. Good back up though.
  7. Think I’ve found one up to 2010
  8. Does anyone have a or know where I can get a list of our results from 1872 to today? Preferably a spreadsheet. Friendlies and testimonials etc included. Wiki doesn’t include these.
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