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  1. GOAT

    Glen Kamara

    Starting to become the player he was his first six months again after an poor to decent season last year. Said as much a few weeks ago tbh.
  2. Whittaker in amo out. Still ricksen was a midfielder at the time so if your going to include him you would need to include McCulloch so the answers were flawed if you ask me.
  3. Well that was a fantastic 2 hours.
  4. Again though he was a midfielder/striker then. But probably is an answer.
  5. So it’s after 2000 then if big amo isn’t one
  6. They’ve said ricksen is one but he was a midfielder by then, so no having that.
  7. I’d say naw. Ricksen scored against them but had been moved to defence by then.
  8. So far I’ve got Moore, amo, vignal, weir, Wallace, hill, ugo, tav. surely doesn’t go as far back as gough?
  9. Just nows one. Wish all the rangers fans would stop talking and let the tarriers on. 😂
  10. We want Laurie fae Dennistoun on!!
  11. Chucked it a few years ago.
  12. Ha ha, ha ha, ha ha 😂😂😂😂😂
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