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  1. Been up all night and left half time, aye part timer I know but it was either that or I was absolutely fucked. Defensive mistake I take it?
  2. No I’m putting it on our player giving the ball away stupidly. A mistake and a bad one at that.
  3. Did it come from our mistake? That’s the point.
  4. He lost the ball, that’s the key four words.
  5. Every goal we concede always comes from an absolute ridiculous mistake. Kent cost us both goals tonight, second one especially was ridiculous. But first one he could have played Morelos through and instead two seconds later the balls in our fucking net. Shambles.
  6. My granda always told me this story, and for the record it wouldn’t be fucking me, but he hang about wae his cousins and they are tarriers, they talked him And his brother into cheering them on the European cup final, which they did 🙄, on the basis the tarriers would cheer rangers on against Bayern. The cunts did the opposite and my granda never spoke to them again.
  7. Aye been shared about everywhere now.
  8. Still no statement from Rangers. Disgrace.
  9. They’ve got pittodrie and Easter road next month.
  10. Don’t know if it was a load of shite, but someone replied to the Twitter video of him saying this that his brother is a priest and helped cover up other paedophile priests in Motherwell. Says it all to me if that’s true.
  11. Sir Tom Devine laying the blame for sectarianism in west of Scotland at Rangers football club and only Rangers football club. Rangers better start hitting back at these cunts.
  12. Shouldn’t even be up for debate. Don’t understAnd why shagger wasn’t starting today at all.
  13. Just my opinion mate. First half though edge of our box what a touch he took to control the ball btw.
  14. I’ve had this conversation with plenty of people and most do agree regardless if they admit or not, until the lower leagues our support was full of older cunts aye atmosphere was good but their green brigade cunts had took over them long before the union bear did us, but since lower leagues and beyond, it’s not even cloSe. Our end is fucking amazing, and it’s cos the young team Is starting to take over here.
  15. Gerrards quite lucky imo that we got the result the day, because he took too long to change it. All our bud spoke about it the way back, but we won, top of the league so fuck it. I took the wean the day, his second every away day, his 11/12 ever rangers game and he has 100% record so I was delighted he kept that up. my first away game aswell since Dingwall in March or something last year cos I had Covid for Dingwall there, rangers ends were bouncing most of the game. Love it.
  16. But… and there’s always a but with me. We need to get our finger out soon.
  17. It’s the fans reaction I love. Winner the rangers end was bouncing.
  18. Ill Be honest, I thought aye better team controlled the ball but done nothing with it until they scored. Our first chance was the Tav I think, ball along goal line for Morelos. We were poor, but we won and that does me.
  19. Didn’t see us winning today at 0-1. We were poor most of the game, but we done what champions do. Play poor and still dig out the points.
  20. Thought he was poor along with most today tbh. But we won, so that’s All that matters.
  21. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-58513670.amp “these things happen” wow man, just wow.
  22. And you’re a nationalist piece of shit that goes against everything this club stands for. Give me brain dead sheep over scum of the earth like you any day of the week.
  23. Exactly. It’s one word the overall majority of Rangers fans hate, so to insist we sing a song about us being huns is just a plane fucking lie. now orange bastard, that I can get down with, because I’m fucking proud to be one.
  24. When did we used to sing about us being “Huns” btw?
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