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  1. Bryan Todd, Robert McAdam, Peter Wright, John Gardiner, Richard Bark, William Thomson Summerhill, George Adams, John Neill, James Trainer. Richard Douglas Morrison, James Whyte Rae, David Douglas McGee, Robert Colquhoun Mulholland, David Ronald Paton, George McFarlane Irwin, Ian Frew, John Crawford, Brian Hutchison. Duncan McIsaac McBrearty, Charles John Griffiths Livingstone, Adam Henderson, Richard McLeay, David Cummings Duff, David Fraser McPherson, Robert Lockerbie Rae, Robert Campbell Grant, John McNeil McLeay. David Anderson, John Buchanan, John McInnes Semple, John Jeffre
  2. GOAT


    Which is why you ant them beat. That way no more points.
  3. GOAT


    If only life was that simple. We’ve not won a league title in near enough ten years mate and if shaktar do win and we do finish 1st we have to navigate TWO qualifiers. So aye let’s bite our nose off to spite our face Incase it helps the tarriers and other teams.
  4. Have we won anything? We’ll be a force come May if we’re champions.
  5. GOAT


    We’ve got two CL spots for 1st and 2nd this season, it’s next seasons winners were talking about. If we finish above Ukraine in the coefficient this season 1st automatically qualifies for the CL and second only plays one qualifier, third even automatically qualifies for the EL. Assuming one of the top four leagues or whatever it is wins the CL. It would mean no matter what 3 Scottish teams playing group stage European football.
  6. I’ll wait until the league is won before sharing shit like that.
  7. Was superb until his injury, then he was replaced by a legend.
  8. GOAT


    Less of the orks patter man it’s cringy as fuck.
  9. Big week next week. Our win took Scotland back to 11th and the automatic CL spot for the winners of next seasons league. But we need Shaktar and Kiev to get knocked out next week, especially shaktar. If they reach the last 16 were fucked unless we win the EL.
  10. GOAT


    Are we the only unbeaten team left in Europe?
  11. GOAT


    Was piss poor tonight as was the rest of the team for an hour. On to Sunday.
  12. Broken tonight and still one game to go. We’ve never topped a group in Europe that was played over six games. Should have done it last season, should already be out of sight, can we do it this season?
  13. Is obviously take any win whatsoever, but I’d love to go up there and issue a pumping.
  14. Apart from that last 30 minutes, the worst performance of the season so far. STILL won, STILL unbeaten in all competitions, STILL top of the league and STILL top of the group stage. Well done Rangers. We keep going...On to Sunday now.
  15. Passings a disgrace and we're all over the fucking shop here. Worst performance of the season.
  16. It's never boring watching Rangers. Watch this it will stay a draw here and Poznan will score twice in injury time in Lisbon.
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