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  1. £105 for the 3 match package last year expect same
  2. He was worth it for Aberdeen away
  3. It’s not tiny I know a few on it that hate it, you have to go to basically every away game to get points kind of like our travel club once your going to as many games as that in a row folk below have no chance quite funny actually
  4. Looking for travel from Borders to East Fife on Sunday club only got 1 ticket so just myself.
  5. Sure we played hearts home last season in a Saturday 3pm
  6. I noticed it at piggery couple times, Kind of level of shithousery I can get on board with
  7. Staunch turning his back on their huddle never turned round til it was done continually looking over his shoulder
  8. Lad that comes on our bus and very wee while still buys it and calls it the daily Rangers needless to say he is a fuckin idiot
  9. Had them at a couple events here great to listen to
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