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  1. Trying to sort my mates Ticket older guy doesn’t have an email address so, he pays over 4 months so need the link emailed. They’ve refused to send me the link to pay for his ticket, refuse to discuss it with me at all for GDPR and have asked that I send a letter to the ticket office whilst acknolwedging the ticket office is shut to let me deal with it for him. So He’s to send a letter that they won’t get as won’t be in ticket office. Absolute shambles of an operation Rangers and that SLO is fucking useless
  2. He is a condescending walloper of a man multiple times I’ve asked him for help and all you get back is you’ll have an email check your spam, actually no I don’t and have emailed ticket centre multiple times about it with no response
  3. Would rather have had nothing than this insult
  4. I know he is part of the squad but for someone that has rarely been involved to have to come out and apologise is an insult to Andy himself and to us again. Well done to Andy who as was said above likely voulenteered
  5. the problem is they have a team full of winners we have a team full of serial losers simple as that
  6. Tickets that were bought online for their end do they get picked up over their too?
  7. If anyone is in Edinburgh airport about 5am tomorrow sees someone looking depressed as fuck after Today it’s, someone can buy me a pint 😂
  8. If anyone is in Edinburgh airport about 5am tomorrow sees someone looking depressed as fuck after Today it’s, someone can buy me a pint 😂
  9. I expect Stewart Robertson to come out with a strong statement saying there will be another statement after the weekend coward
  10. i have one was hoping wouldnt get one so would get a better chance of one after the split
  11. Horrendous trying to get back there was Lisbon - stanstead edinburgh was best i seen, Im porto-madrid heathrow edinburgh but few of us from work the same way
  12. Aye we got that one but that was abandoned during game we can’t think of one being called off pre match
  13. Debate on the bus now when was the last time a game was called off at Ibrox before the game for the pitch?
  14. Rangers fucking real fans over bet they dont offer a trip for Rangers Ross county on a wednesday night
  15. Anybody flying out from Gatwick on the Monday?
  16. Over to Robertson to stand up for us but he will be the spineless snide cunt he has always been
  17. dreading going over there way we are playing at minute, Hopeful rediscover our european form
  18. Aye fuck it Gerrard out will Ethel let Walter out? One last crack for old times sake
  19. For a young manager he has been excellent and learned a lot about himself I would think. Clearly loves managing us the improvement despite a few blips and poor performances in 2 years is staggering the european runs have been a major bonus for us financially and on the park, Trophies are coming.
  20. The club already have been paid for the game by the season ticket, Getting double the cash but only 50% goes to the season ticket holder IMO its miserable from the club, Should get full amount off next season ticket given already paid for the seat
  21. just read it at best Xenephobia at worst comes through full on racism.
  22. Clean sheet for Firth hopefully. Worked hard for this
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