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  1. Exactly. It wasn't in a football ground so it's got nothing to do with Rangers. So why are the sun printing it on their bog roll. Fuckin scum bastards anyway.
  2. πŸ˜€ Do I have to state you're a dickhead or have you heard it enough over the years
  3. I knew someone who once wrote kill all Catholics on a jotter. I think Rangers should be banned from euro competitions for a while and maybe demoted to league 3. I propose we put it to a vote among all clubs. Btw she was a Motherwell supporter
  4. But 100% better than any of the shite you've ever posted. πŸ–•
  5. If you don't like it then bail out. Or maybe the forum should just lock threads cause you can't be arsed.
  6. ooh harsh. What's the other thread got to do with this? And I like it so don't lock it.
  7. If you hear an unsubstantiated rumour about Rangers supporters singing a naughty song don't get your knickertin a twist. 999/1000 times it's shite and the other one might be about a young guy getting carried away with the drink No big deal. The manager isn't leaving. The board isn't resigning. Nobody gives a fuck. So calm the fuck down ya knobs (you know who you are )
  8. Let's have a Rangers Women's Team section for those that don't like real football and get threads like this the fuck out of Bears Den
  9. Cause it's all shite. But then we get Rangers 'supporters' backing up this nonsense and saying we deserve it, the manager will now leave, the stadium will be closed etc etc Just fuck off and die you pricks
  10. I'll have one if I meet any mad Feyenoord nutters More chance of that half time song getting done than running into a scary Feyenoord fan though
  11. Fuck off and stop being a prick
  12. Easily offended fuckers Wait til they see the YouTube vid of me kicking the fuck out of a couple of Feyenoord kittens. Great stuff.
  13. Needed to be? Pish. I don't recall this happening but if it did why would this cunt feel it 'needed' to be reported? Fuckin bullshit. What an easily offended world we live in
  14. Don't be so fuckin stupid. If it didn't happen it didn't happen
  15. Are we. Even if it didn't happen? Fuck sake
  16. I sang all night and nothing was sung to offer ammo to the PC/FARE brigade as far as I recollect. Fuck them if they've found some vid of a couple of non pc blokes getting carried away and singing something they don't like
  17. Nobody sang anything offensive. Stand down ffs
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