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  1. The statement was embarrassing. Any cunt reporting him to the cops was embarrassing. The fact we are still talking about him is embarrassing
  2. RTV £6.99 ya tight arse
  3. https://stv.tv/sport/football/1388268-caixinha-we-have-to-stop-the-leaks-from-inside-rangers/?utm_content=buffer510fa&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer Rangers boss Pedro Caixinha has said that he believes details of his work are being leaked by Ibrox insiders and has vowed to "seal" the club. News has emerged of players being told that they have no future at Ibrox, including veteran defender Clint Hill being informed that his contract will not be renewed. Caixinha is unhappy that his interactions with the squad are being made public
  4. is bar 72 not closer to a grand? I'm in the wee Rangers for a few hours before most games and go to most cup matches so I'd gladly pay the extra to move to a bar 72 ticket.
  5. Dodoo Miller v Inverness Tav Kranjcar Miller v Sheep Waghorn Hyndman Hill In that order
  6. folk who take their phones out and start filming every corner and free kicks are weirdos
  7. nah, should have mentioned I am also a wee poofy geeky fud.
  8. Mindless fucking vandalism and theres no need. All anyone who does this is doing is costing US a fucking fortune. I'd rather my season ticket money was spent on the squad than giving Aberdeen a free toilet renovation. When we scored yesterday, there's rows of us falling about celebrating, and one wee poofy geeky fud just standing stamping on a seat. Oooh you're hard. Just gives the media a reason to nationally embarrass us, and give Aberdeen freebies. Cuntish behaviour. I fully expect to take a pile of stick for this post.
  9. tell a lie, went back in and it worked. I'm up 30 quid -_- Cheers
  10. back into a queue and then 404'd. Cheers anyway Anyone in GR had a price increase? I'm about 600 already so I'd rather it didn't get any higher
  11. Nae queue now, but I'm still getting a 404 error any time I try to log in. Death, Taxes, and Rangers website being shite.
  12. No word on price increases I take it.
  13. I didn't get an email saying mine had been auto renewed so I assume not.
  14. MOTM by a mile for me today. Aberdeen put dozens of balls in the box second half and he and Bates dealt with them time and time again
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