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  1. Jags are killing it. So much potential reward in that pick.
  2. Jaylon Smith goes before Jack.....is it safe to say the teams who have seen his medical know something we don't? Smith won't even play 2016. Jags trading up for Myles now perhaps
  3. Venturing into this thread for the first time..... Thoughts on the big stories from last night..... - I like Wentz a lot. If Philly keep to the plan and sit him for 2/3 years behind Bradford/Daniel then he will be a real star. - Dallas....I hated the Ezekiel Elliot pick at first. They've spent all last season talking about how running backs are a dime-a-dozen and then they go and spend the 4th overall pick on him. Too high for a RB in my humble opinion. However the pick is growing on me. Undoubtedly an insane talent running behind that line. 2014 all over again? We saw in 2014
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