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  1. Was really impressed with the NI lad Charlie Lindsay yesterday. Technically sound and plays with a bit of passion aswell.
  2. Available on Rangers TV.
  3. Watching the highlights of the B team game from last night against Albion Rovers. The boy Alex Lowry looks to be a good player. Be interesting to see how they progress throughout the lowland league this season.
  4. I don't see the issue with creating additional revenue streams which ultimately benefit the club. This is how we will compete at the top level. There is no obligation for any of us to buy anything.
  5. I know we have some dates for friendlies lined up but what is the official Joining up date for the Squad? Also are there any formal plans in terms of where the camp is being held this year as I know Portugal trip was canned.
  6. Any idea what happened with Ciaran Dickson & why he was released?
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