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  1. 25 years. Literally since the second i was born i was a Rangers man thanks to the old boy and his father. Rip.
  2. Hoping he can kick on and do even better this coming season with better players around him.
  3. Go on Niko do us proud. Cant say i know anything about the boy but to be capped by Croatia at 21 then he must have something about him!
  4. Need to stop wasting breath on this woman beating piece of scum. Nothing to do with Rangers.
  5. Was 15 year old absolutely steaming in West Calder. One of they rare moments where u remember exactly where u were and what happened. Only recent Rangers moment for me thats came close was Barrie McKay rifling one into they mhanky bastards in the semi.
  6. Wheeyy to every one of you rancid cunts reading this. We will be back.
  7. Went to the game today left after the 5th about 70th minute. Disgusting.
  8. TdRFC


    Has to really step his game up or will lose his place in the team. To be fair though being played as a deep lying midfielder is doing him no favours
  9. Cant see a negative to this signing. All the best to the boy.
  10. Didnt even notice the union jack at first glance but cracking top.
  11. Bring it on. Expecting at least 3/4 goals would be delighted with more. Fucking european football again man
  12. Goal right at the end of the video the overhead kick is a cracker.
  13. Very best of luck to the boy cant wait to see him play.
  14. Hopefully the boys are invigorated by the rest and put these cunts to the sword. Bring it on.
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