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  1. Our RB situation has become a hot topic recently, but I think our LB area is causing increasing concern. Thought it was apparent again yesterday.
  2. Thought Moore was good. Got tore in & sometimes got away with murder, probably when the refs weren't all fenian bastards. Met him in a pub in Queen Street one day & was surprised how thin & wiry he looked.
  3. Yep Had to check back. You definitely set it up 👍
  4. magic8ball vividly summed up Butch's final game. Truly unforgettable. Had the pleasure of being in Ray's company about 33 years ago when my son was the mascot. He was an absolute gentleman as well as one of our best-ever players.
  5. It'll be interesting to see if Lenny starts looking trampy now 🤔
  6. Last week I commented on how poor McTominay & Robertson were. I couldn't be arsed going through the rest of the duds. But last night, Dykes & Adams were just as honking as McTominay. Hopefully the jakey is Savco-bound.
  7. Get your money on the Faroes whenever it is we play them. Well, when I say "we" 🤔
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