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  1. That explains why it's cheaper.
  2. The state of the pitches right now can't be helping Aribo & Kent in particular.
  3. Livi keeper just lumps it long every time. Quite right too, they are brutal.
  4. Probably explains why I have never listened to it. Haven't watched Sportscene for about ten years either.
  5. Just Googled her. She doesn't look too clever in those pics 😡
  6. And it's Professor Bauld, I'll have you know.
  7. She's on tv & radio a lot. Looks & sounds alright. Obviously a lot more clued up than Krankie, Freeman & the dentist. He was in the paper today saying the scum had done absolutely nothing wrong.
  8. My thoughts are with Lenny & Julie-Ann's families at this time πŸ–•πŸ–•
  9. To avoid McCoist, switched to Sheepshagger TV, and we score. Yaaasss
  10. McCoist doesn't hate Morelos as much as I hate McCoist these days.
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