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  1. Tav guilty of that in most games. Body language unbelievably bad at times, head down & shoulders slouched. Poor captaincy.
  2. Have Kelly, McGinn & co. ever appeared in court in relation to any of the convictions to date?
  3. Davie Provo, the pricks' prick.
  4. At least they vary it and try to get into box / byeline at times. With Tav especially, it's a speculative cross from the wide areas most of the time. Now and again it produces, at least it used to 🤔
  5. Kyogo a chicken supper Bobby Sands?
  6. A ten-man lower league side 🤣
  7. It means he's no very good. No good enough to get a game with us anyway.
  8. Have you seen some of big Conor's? 🤣
  9. I'm an old codger but still play sevens. If we were short on a Tuesday night, Goldson would be one of the last you-know-what's I would phone. Don't like him.
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