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  1. Took me a while to realise what "ssb" meant 🤔 Never listen to it.
  2. ronniescu


    Get yourself aGeorge Formby grill. It cooks your sausages AND cleans your windaes.
  3. ronniescu


    He's been far from excellent the last few years K, but he has been excellent so far this season. Hope he keeps it up.
  4. That description could apply to quite a few of them tbf.
  5. Seen him for the first time ever at the warm-up. What a manky, Fenian-looking bastard he is..
  6. He must be half-cut, heard him say on a radio interview earlier that his team have been playing really well recently 🤣🤣
  7. It's hard not to be a wee bit quietly confident when they are without Edouard, Christie, Forster, Collum & Clancy. Plus the fact, Taylor, Duffy, Ajer & Broonaldo WILL be playing. Together with that new keeper, whose name I don't even know.
  8. How bad are O'Donnell, Taylor & Fraser?
  9. Half-heartedly seen some of it in the pub last night. Early closure meant I didn't see the end. Went home, felt no desire to check the final outcome & only heard it on the news this morning. Used to be an ardent fan, tried not to miss a game. Went to Wembley every two years, was at Anfield in 77 & Cardiff in 85. The Kilt / Timbie-wearin fannies who go now are a fuckin embarrassment.
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