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  1. OLIVER BURKE reckons there’s every chance Barrie McKay can become the next big money Scottish transfer. The 22-year-old was the only Rangers player to trouble RB Leipzig in Sunday’s friendly match in Germany To win the game on my first start in the Red Bull Arena was a great feeling for me. “Scoring against Glasgow Rangers is a good feeling too. “It was a great atmosphere as well, which was nice. The winger is undoubtedly back to his best, drawing praise too from Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers after Gers’ 2-1 defeat in the Hogmanay Old Firm derby. Burke, who broke th
  2. This was written by a guy called forza papac Personally it sums up my feelings towards warburton and where we are going, however I know some will disagree with this blog, what's your opinion on it ? We have reached the half way point in the 2016/7 season and to say it has been a frustrating time for being a Ger is putting it mildly. Let me make it clear from the outset, Second place at Rangers Football Club should never be settled for, we do not accept anything other than winning, that is something that is inbuilt in the traditions set by the club over many generations of fan an
  3. Matt Crooks admits it himself. He could stroll down any street in Glasgow and even the staunchest of Rangers supporters would barely bat an eyelid. And it hurts him. Not that he’s the vain type who needs the adulation and recognition. Far from it. No, the sheer frustration comes from deep within. The fact that, so far at Ibrox, he’s failed to show anyone what he can do on a football pitch. When Crooks arrived from Accrington Stanley in the summer it wasn’t Britain’s most talked about transfer. But when Rangers fans took one look at him, they were filled with optimism abou
  4. Everyone wants to criticize Kiernan for the 2nd goal, I don't see Wilson getting criticized for allowing dembele to have a free shot for their equalizer people just like to use Kiernan as a scapegoat, personally I don't think he is that good, but we did not lose this match because of him.
  5. Don't understand the praise for Wilson, his defending for the corner was criminal, his distribution wasn't much better
  6. Until someone invests in that team we are going nowhere, The board have to take blame for us being at this stage 20 months ffs and we have a team that cost around the same price as 1 player in the scum team fucking unacceptable, looks like more years of mediocrity, but it's okay, "we have a plan" and "progress is being made on and off the pitch"
  7. I thought the majority of the players gave 100% and the match went better than I was expecting it to go (in terms of performance) but in the end there is ridiculous difference in quality between us and them we will not get close to winning 55 with that squad but what do people expect when you buy freebies and lower league players ? although I doubt he will, dave king has to step with cash and not words where do we go from here ?
  8. "thought josh was excellent... just got to work on his fitness levels" MW said that after the game
  9. I dont understand all this "warburton would have still played him on saturday" patter. If he has the balls to suspend him then clearly he could drop him.
  10. Although i do agree with you that we need a new cb which will happen, i just think that over time kiernian can become that commanding cb,
  11. Unpopular view but i like him, Yes can be a bit rash, but he still has his best years ahead of him, he has been shocking in some games but has been outstanding in others, people seem to love pointing out his poorer games, and almost ignoring his best games.Like i said he has shown how good he can be, now he just needs to show it consintantly and that will come with games. People forget before came to us he had barely had a season where he played consintantly.At least you know he will give 100% and he will only improve
  12. This match has helped us more than the league cup matches have, this is what we needed, to come up against a team that was better than us rather than having strolls against part timers , the players will learn a lot from this. I am still confident this group can win 55, including kiernian , however i do agree we we need a CB and MW knows this, This will be beneficial to us
  13. Hahaha, if you have to question yourself if you should support Rangers then you are not a proper Fan ffs.
  14. Aye to be fair to the players we played a crazy 4 games in 8 days, Im sure the SFA refused to postpone a match which would have helped us
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