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  1. Long shot but looking for tickets for the game. Not in Scotland much and hoping to go with the old boy and brother. Flying back from America Friday morning so can pick up most of Friday afternoon/Saturday morning. Give me a shout if you know of anyone/supporters buses have any spare. Cheers KBH
  2. If he gets any first team time and misses a pass then I'll boo the fuck out of him
  3. Ladbrokes had him at 28/1 to be top goalscorer in the Championship before the international break... KBH
  4. First of all, apologies for any bad spelling/grammar but i have just got back from a night out... After meeting some of the players tonight, I cannot speak highly enough of Rob Kiernan and James Tavernier. They gave me the time of day even though i was obviously buzzing off my tits. They seemed happy enough for a chat/photo and were generally in great form (Warburton okayed the night out before any ragers go off on one!). It is obviously early days but these guys are absolutely great ambassadors for the club, even more so after watching the video the club put up of Tavernier visiting the Beatson this week. He came across an absolute gent and you could tell that he was humbled by the esteem he now has. I do hope that these players stay on and continue great things with the club. If the right offer comes in then I hope they reach the best of their ability as, in my early opinion, they truly deserve it. Did the obvious spilling out my heart to Gedion and Oduwa but had the impression that they were quite a bit more sober than me so I won't take any credit if they sign on permanently. KBH
  5. Never had any bother in Triple Kirks or the Archibald Simpson. Tbh its only the dive pubs where you'll get bother in (i.e. Wordies Alehouse) KBH
  6. Not sure if there has been a thread discussing this but when I was watching the match yesterday I was thinking about this style of play against teams in Europe. Factoring in bringing in players of a slightly higher quality in the next few years, will the style of play change when playing against teams that we are not expected to beat? Would Warburton pack the midfield and play more conservatively, less playing out from the back? From the interviews I have heard Warburton in, I can't imagine him sacrificing his philosophy towards football but surely going toe-to-toe with the Barca's and Juve's of this world isn't going to end well... I know it is a couple years off but wanted to see what fellow Bears thought! KBH
  7. Came across ''Rangers Fans' Anthems'' on spotify the other day and has some cracking tunes on it. Can't find them on YouTube or anywhere else so worth a shout if you've got an account / sign up for the free account KBH
  8. Bartley did a job (including halving Scott Brown) KBH
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