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  1. Fuck all to do with crowds, that’s tarrier patter, think the pressure of everything and expectation got to the players tonight, throw in best defender (helander) best mid (Kent) and McGregor would have started tonight had sir Walter not have passed, we do need things to change tho, Hagi needs to stop trying to turn a man 2-3 times and pass the ball, Morelos needs to stay in the box and wait, yes the midfield constant trying to pass the ball into the box is fucking torture it times more,the ball needs put in quicker, rather than waiting until the balls it the by line.
  2. Exactly and being down England being a pundit, when the team that pays his wages is playing, is a kick in the balls to the fans.
  3. Your giving Barisic too much praise here, and surely basing this on Barisic of of last season.
  4. Did you even see the game he was fucking pish, passes to no cunt or getting ball took off him, a cross and a scored penalty isn’t saving him here.
  5. Get Patterson a run in the team now, tav was fucking pish.
  6. Why was browns goal showed 3 times, from different angles,followed by celebration about 10 or more mins after he scored, some cunts at it.
  7. Good to see stevie wonder amongst the crowd.
  8. The st mirren chairman is a horrible bastard of a man, no need to be arguing amongst yourselves, there is no argument with the facts.
  9. Aribo was excellent, seemed to win every ball, holds onto the ball very well too, his cross sets up the 2nd and should have had a penalty, when the time comes he is a player we could potentially get big money for, only 25 and being English could be seen as a good addition for the English teams in europe.
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