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  1. Doesnt matter who it is, he scores a goal like that and you bitch about other players getting game time, who both did get game time 🤔
  2. Put me down for £5 million, just like that, class man
  3. He needs to start being greedy again, he’s been looking for the pass rather than taking the shot on the past few games.
  4. The first gooooooooooaaaaalllllllll was good, but fuck listening to the rest every time top goals are getting scored 😂
  5. Can’t see the video, but from when it happened, did one of their mob not fling a punch at McLaughlin or Culshaw, he was dressed like a fan, but had same kind of mask on as the cunt squaring up to Roofe.
  6. And also a £2 million loan fee 😂
  7. Good guy, liked a night out, when at the Gers.
  8. £45,000 aswell 😂😂🤭
  9. Fergie_6


    There’s fenians on here defo.
  10. Played ok, done the job 👍🏻
  11. What a abso balls up that was, he’s fucking shite 😂😂😂 big foster done they cunts a peach
  12. Lets not change a working formula, goldson up front tho 😂😂😂😂😂
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