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  1. Shagger pips it by a finger tip for me. He’s played more games for us, the flight of the ball is different now, Goram benefited for a season or so with the old pass back rule & generally had better players in front of him. We’ve had some absolutely brilliant keepers over the years and ultimately Woods, Goram, Klos & Shagger interchanged into the other’s team probably wouldn’t have made any difference to that particular side.
  2. Keevins talking hypothetical pish 😂
  3. These feckers are absolutely broken - they’re blowing flowers up Scit Broons arse now - it’s all they’ve got left this season 😂🤣😂🤣
  4. Another tarrier that knows more about us than his taig team.
  5. What’s the point in only 600? They’d be as well not bothering.
  6. Honestly, I can’t think of any other team’s supporters in Europe who are so terminally obsessed by their rivals as the tarriers are - I guess I can sum it up in one phrase. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE Rangers
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