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  1. Easiest draw possible. Gives us a better opportunity to go further, make more cash and allows Tav, Jack, Roofe a better chance of being available for the next round. Tav in particular deserves to cap the season with a big tie, against Man U, Spurs or Arsenal.
  2. Growling at the radio - needs a biscuit to distract him 👍🏻
  3. This boring bastard Caldwell has put the dug to sleep 💤
  4. The dugs ears pricked up there at one point - wee need real inbred howlers on 👍🏻
  5. Keevins will get fucked into them tonight - he’s ragin 😂
  6. I can’t feckin wait until tomorrow night
  7. Goldson has been the most consistent player by a mile but Tav edges it for his goals & assists
  8. And a few wee Bernadette’s got burst noses
  9. Kevin’s made a cunt out of this tarrier 😂
  10. Defensively, I’m sure Balogun will be more than adequate cover for Tav, but we’ll miss Tav more from an attacking position.
  11. 👍🏻 We’ll miss Tav going forward but I’m sure Balogun can cover the gig defensively
  12. The goalie was trying to psych Borna out before he took the kick then after he scored Borna gave him a Paddington Bear stare 😂
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