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  1. High tide at Clydebank Dock was 5:24pm - expecting the situation to improve ………… Shipping Forecast to follow 👍🏻
  2. Twitter saying it’s off but nothing on Rangers website 🤷‍♂️
  3. Absolutely devastated. Sleep well Sir 💙
  4. Yep, a different level of mental bastards on bikes in parts of Europe. I was coming back from a trip on the bike and got talking to a Hells Angel from Belgium. He reckoned the Swedes were the maddest of them all! He’d just been released after armed police, using stun grenades, attack dogs, etc raided their clubhouse. They were all banged up on various charges from murder, assault, extortion, drug dealing, pimping, etc. A few of them were released mid sentence if they signed documents saying they’d never be involved in biker gangs again in Belgium - he was on his way to the Blue Angels club house in Ayrshire to join them 😳
  5. Saw the thread title and I thought we were going to be charged for more media driven bigotry 😂
  6. Feck me, Clyde talking about the celtic child abuse cases 😯
  7. First and foremost there has to be justice for the survivors and their families of cfc & their boy’s club. lf the case is won, then there is a question of Sporting Integrity to be answered. 1 As a football club, they have too be punished, as well as a business. 2 If proven, and to have gone back 50 years, would sponsoring companies in that period been likely to be associated with the toxic club? 3 If proven, and to have gone back 50 years, would players recruited in that period have signed for the toxic club? By sweeping 50 years of child abuse under their carpet, they gave themselves a sporting advantage.
  8. Fuck this - I’m off to the pub 👋
  9. Jamie the tarrier: Porteous 🟨 Lundstram 🟥 Cvnts are broken 5️⃣5️⃣😎
  10. “That boaby” 😂🤣😂🤣🇬🇧
  11. I’ve been critical of him recently but he definitely made the difference. Leaving their goal aside, Barisic looked better than he’s done for weeks & Lundstram is definitely improving.
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