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  1. Pumping out any of the teams with a connection to they cunts across the city in the next round would be good. Whether that’s Leicester, Arsenal, Leverkusen or Young Boys....
  2. I’ve given him pelters a good few times over the last 6 months but you know what....tonight was just about perfect from Alfie. Outstanding.
  3. For their goal? No-one played him on. The scorer was behind the ball when it was played across...canny be offside.
  4. Just when you start to relax we give away a cheap goal. Bit more care from Hagi with the final ball though and we’d be cruising. More energy and pressing in the first 15 of this second half and kill this mob off.
  5. Nick Hammond apparently. I can understand your confusion as both seem to have brain injuries.
  6. I’ve given him pelters for a good few weeks recently but he was superb in the second half tonight.
  7. Half-hearted is harsh. He didn’t go right through the tackle as he was trying to retain possession imo. In hindsight he should have taken everything.
  8. Stepped up second half to be fair...one loose and costly pass but linked up well and was a big reason for the win in the end.
  9. Brilliant second half Rangers. How good was fucking Balogun??? And Kent playing with that hunger and confidence is unstoppable. Morelos much better too. McGregor and Jack with massive last ditch interventions as well. Nerves are shot.
  10. He’s started the second half well to be fair but...fuckin hell how many times?
  11. Why is Barisic marking that big cunt at their goal? Ref choking to give that penalty too and how they don’t have a player booked I’ll never know. Tav looks to be fucked and can you imagine how sluggish Roofe will be when he returns from his latest injury? Morelos pish as usual and Arfield miles off the pace. 3-2 Rangers.
  12. Any of the doubters who think the title race is still on must believe that team are good enough to beat us twice. Caught the last 20 of their game today and Middleton had them shitting themselves. They’re fucking woeful.
  13. Davis immense again. Another 90 mins under the belt for Jack and some strike. Better from Tav and Aribo. Wright showing promise. Morelos back to give us options. Another 3 points and on to the next one.
  14. No even sure who her man is tbh but you batter in mate 👍 3-1 Rangers.
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