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  1. Terrible second half. Nothing going forward. And Gerrard’s substitutions always have a negative impact on our performance.
  2. 3 points thanks to another terrible cross from Tav 😁 What a strike and a big 3 points considering we are still nowhere near firing.
  3. At least we’ll maybe stop calling for Gerrard to drop Goldson after today.
  4. 10 second highlights reel at the end of Sky coverage…6 of those seconds used to show the ball hitting Balogun’s elbow while he’s on the deck after a perfect tackle and a big hands in the air appeal from their manager. They’re hurting alright.
  5. Their midfield is finding too much space. Ours can’t string two passes together. Needs addressing at half-time. Lundstram on? 😬 Morelos has looked in the mood today. Fancy him to nick one.
  6. McCrorie Patterson Goldson Helander Bassey Aribo Davis Kamara Wright Roofe Kent Obviously if one of the main two goalies is available we start with them. Kent scrapes in because it’s against them. On current form, Morelos, Hagi and Barisic should be nowhere near the team.
  7. The hope there would be a positive reaction to all the carry-on this week is out the window. And I’ll say it again, Hagi is utter pish.
  8. I thought Barisic was never going to amount to anything a couple of years ago and he proved me wrong. Hope Hagi does the same obviously and I’ll happily take the pelters on here for talking pish.
  9. What bit’s nonsense? When everyone’s fit he’ll be back on the bench unless he consistently offers a bit more than the occasional 6 yard pass. How Kent gets pelters after a few poor performances and Hagi offers less and gets away with it is beyond me.
  10. I factored that in. I don’t know if you’ve ever kicked a baw in your puff, but either way, even you could’ve played Kent in from that position. Executing a 6 yard pass with a nice weight doesn’t justify the hype for me. He’s shown very little to suggest he’s good enough to start every week.
  11. Goldson for Balogun, Davis for Aribo, Aribo for Hagi, Roofe for Morelos. Otherwise, spot-on. Agree we def need a tweak to the 433 though, far too predictable. Energy and pace from the young full backs, along with Kamara, Aribo, Wright and hopefully wee Sakala when he’s back is what we need IMO. Too turgid and slow building “attacks”recently.
  12. Can’t question his attitude which is more than can be said for most of that team right now. Genuinely not trying to be controversial here but I still don’t see what all the hype is about, particularly in games (admittedly most of them) when he’s being played out of position. Last night? 2 passes, 1 tackle, 1 marauding run down the right, 1 rant at the ref to lift the crowd. First touch is off too often, he can’t run and there’s too many misplaced 5 yard passes. He was average last night and is average just about every time he plays.
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