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  1. Any of the doubters who think the title race is still on must believe that team are good enough to beat us twice. Caught the last 20 of their game today and Middleton had them shitting themselves. They’re fucking woeful.
  2. Even when he dives, he doesn’t really go anywhere....kinda dives up and down the way if that makes sense. Love the guy.
  3. “He throws something aggressive into his face” Fuck you Walker and you Crocker....I hope you suffer like fuck for this season and the foreseeable. Absolute cunts.
  4. What happened to using an orange ball in the snow? Ball’s invisible out there.
  5. Went towards the ball and dummied it. How’s that no interfering? Linesmen making all sorts of blatant errors here. Almost as if they can’t afford to drop any more points.
  6. That wee prick Forrest plays his pal in and it’s 2-0 and their arses collapse. Now I need to listen to Crocker orgasming every time they cross the halfway line until Livi are definitely out of this. Pish.
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