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  1. Said for a while that if we fill that problem position on the right of our attack there’ll be no stopping us this season. Looks like Roofe might be the man. And once Morelos starts scoring...jeezo, hammerings will be getting dished out every week.
  2. He played well overall tonight but just fucking put that chance away Alfie and we’re through.
  3. They’ve had one clear cut chance but look the part on the ball. Wee bit more clinical on the break and I can see us scoring again though.
  4. Just when you think it can’t get any better, the Sparta DJ’s like: “Haud ma vodka” and belts out Sweet Caroline 😂 The meltdown if we win tonight will be off the scale.
  5. Ended up being a wee bit annoyed we didn’t annihilate them in the last 20 mins today but I’ll take an hour of brilliant football and 3 or 4 goals every week. Thinking about it, the dip towards the end was due to us conserving energy and resting players which could be crucial this season.
  6. He should just bite the bullet and shave it off imo 👍
  7. McInnes greetin about deflections and “soft” penalties and praising his team’s performance. THANK FUCK that clown is nowhere near our club.
  8. His movement is causing problems and I hate being negative after such a dominant first half BUT surely a pro footballer can have the ability to come deep AND take a decent first touch. He needs subbed. (Cue Morelos second half hat-trick)
  9. Referee and Morelos having absolute shockers here. Total control otherwise.
  10. A questionable pen, pointless free kick given away for the equaliser and a last minute Hibs sitter. Still, 2 dropped point for them, got to be happy with that. Anyway, let’s go and get the job done tomorrow and increase the gap while they’re in such honking form.
  11. Sorry Broxi fuck knows why I’m quoting you here I can’t get rid of it.....anyway this is torture listening to Sportsound with the commentators creaming themselves any time they’re 40 yards from goal.
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