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  1. Same era as me... albeit a couple of years older... He is great at summing up our thoughts. We all know it is @BridgeIsBlue
  2. Two games ago should have been the much belated final act in the season for him. Not sure if you are one of his fans or not - I can't remember - but IMO he offers nothing.
  3. Morelos uses his body and does well. Always laugh when I hear John "elbows" Hartson slating him... There are worse cheats than Morelos
  4. David Edgar on H&H podcast beat you to it and said that.
  5. Just give me your ticket and all others this season. No point in you going.
  6. Its when they say about any other player when they barge in "just giving a little reminder that they are there. An old forwards tackle in my day". Then when Morelos does it... "that is disgraceful".
  7. We play bad... "Rangers are shite and miles off celtic. No fight or desire. Need to invest billions" We play well, and overtake them... "Rangers are cheats and hacking all the time with four-eyes Morelos"
  8. Best case scenario Retrospective goal awarded Score was 3-1 We beat taigs by one goal of goal difference to win league
  9. Might have said aww for fuck sake... then when I saw replay realised he scuffed it as opposed to missing / not being on target at all
  10. The accuracy was spot on. Wasn't even mad at Morelos scuffing the shot. It happens to the best and worst players at some point.
  11. Will await Sturgeon discussing the racism aimed at footballers in Scotland this Wednesday
  12. Didnt know you were Italian
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