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  1. Kamara and Morelos are both much better than him
  2. He never covered himself in glory either tbf
  3. I’ve got nothing from Silver, think I’m about 100 away from Gold
  4. There’s a ‘Dundee Ballot Supporter’ in people’s order history, guessing that means they’ve got
  5. Tbf, the BR tickets never got out on sale until Wednesday or Thursday, and the pricing is embarrassing. People at school expected to pay £32 sums it up
  6. Aye, atmosphere was pish for the most part. There was a couple of spells it got decent though.
  7. Least you got a win on Wednesday after a scare to make sure it wasn’t a dreadful week for you mate lol
  8. Canny believe people are saying Kent didn’t cost the first one
  9. I don’t get the praise for him tonight tbh, don’t think he was that bad, certainly not good either. He never got any better anyway
  10. Seen the two goals back, Lundstram was fucking awful at the first as well. Second is even worse when you see Kent not even attempt to make amends and just stand watching, pathetic
  11. Roofe being dropped was criminal, especially for Lundstram. Roofe not being on at half time was criminal. I pray someone bids for Kent in January, those two goals
  12. You’re talking like because they play a good team twice a season we should be losing
  13. Crystal Palace play Liverpool on Saturday, and we play Motherwell, would still be embarrassing losing to them
  14. I got that mate, I like them together though lol
  15. The 1/4 zips are the best things they’ve brought out for us IMO. They’ve had a shocker this year in particular
  16. The 1/4 zip, shorts and bottoms are all nice tbf, the t shirt is bogging though
  17. No doubt some of the same people that love to reminisce of the 70’s/80’s and how good our support was..
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