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  1. Not good enough for where we want to be. Misses most of his chances by a mile. Should be good enough for other teams in this league, or hopefully someone buys him for the English Championship.
  2. Foderingham. Tav. Kiernan. Senderos. o'Halloran. Windass. Waghorn. No sure about Crooks, Garner or Halliday, any good offer then i'd take it.
  3. Could be players missing from that list, all of Warbs players don't show up.
  4. Not good enough. Might be ok with a better defence but I doubt it. Does make some good saves that win us the points, but can't rely on him. Would of preferred Gilks to have stayed.
  5. Wes is shite. Hopefully Warburton buys him in the summer. Should have kept Gilks, much better keeper.
  6. I'd let him go so we can free up the wages for someone better.
  7. Hopefully there to buy Waghorn and the rest
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