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  1. Hypothetical question I know but just out of interest I wonder how confident we would be as a support if we played celtc tomorrow

    I honestly think we would beat them quite comfortably.

    We have pace and ability and hunger throughout the squad and our confidence is sky high. We also have a superior manager with the smarts to get the best out of each and every player who pulls on a Rangers jersey.

    That's why I really do hope we get t hem in a cup competition this season and my prediction would be .........

    3-1 Rangers :cheers:

    What does RM think.

  2. Great to hear Harry bigging up our magnificent club. :praise:

    Let’s be honest, Mark has gone to one of the biggest clubs in the world,” he said. “He’s not exactly walked into a small club, it’s one of the great clubs in world football. But he’s taken big Davie Weir with him and he was a top, top player as well and knows Rangers so that will help him."

  3. We've been spoiled for keepers over the years so anyone coming in is going to struggle to a certain extent.

    I was happy enough when we signed Bell given the level we were at and think he did pretty well in a poor team before getting injured. I think he was brought back too soon and didn't look useful at all after that.

    Warburton has been fair and given everyone a chance. Bell will get the same opportunity once he's fit although i'd guess Fod will have probably made the position his own without being world class like our previous keepers.

    Good post mate. (tu)

  4. You need to have a word with yourself. You're getting carried away, big time.

    During injury-free periods, Kevin Thomson was absolutely tremendous in a Rangers jersey. He was a vital part of the Ferguson, Davis and Mendes midfield which we had the privilege of watching in 2008/09.

    I love Andy Halliday, he hasn't put a thing wrong and is living all of our dreams for us, the wee boy from Govan who grew-up to play for the Queen's eleven. However, he must demonstrate his ability against higher opposition, like Tuesday night, before we can start throwing his name over European Cup finalists. I'll be honest; I'm sceptical, but very, very hopeful.

    Good post mate. (tu) I agree with all of this.

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