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  1. I do think a natural penalty box striker will be near the top of the shopping list, if not in January then definitely in the summer. I don't think Waghorn is that player but more than earns his wage in other ways. Kenny Miller was never a penalty box player and is in swansong and I really don't think Nicky Clark will make the grade at the level we require.

    Although I hope Nicky Clark proves me wrong I agree with all of this. (tu)

  2. Considering the guys been a 5-10 goal a season striker up until now, its quite remarkable how many hes scored up here. At this rate he could easilly hit 30.


    It just goes to show how shrewd a manager MW is to have plucked him from Wigan for pennies. (tu)

  3. Every penny spent in the most efficient manner possible by our club (thanks Mark Warburton :clap: ). I'm sure every club in the world (after seeing the results) would have signed our great Right Back James Tavernier for £200k instead of signing Celtic's new Right Back Saidy Janko for around £2 million as clearly Tavernier is the better player. I couldn't be more happy with how much we have improved in evert aspect possible even with how great our signings are.


    This x A Million.

  4. Took his goal well today, love him a wee bit.

    Yeah, it was a quality finish and the exciting thing is he can only improve as he gets to know his team mates that wee bit better and what MW wants and expects from him in the weeks and months ahead.

    Also, 9 goals at this stage in the season is a more than reasonable tally and it would appear that most on RM feel he can top 20 goals at least before the season ends in May.

  5. I very rarely listen to Clyde Super Scoreboard (for obvious reasons) but it was on one night in work a couple of weeks ago and Hugh Keevins made a great point that for all Celtic's bluster about being miles ahead of us - what would they give to have our two full backs at the moment in Wallace and Tav. They'd kill for those options on their flanks moving out from full-back.

    Good point and well made. As I said in an earlier thread Lee should be Scotlands first choice full back. No doubt about it.

  6. I think he's a decent forward and more than good enough for this league and probably for the SPL as well. He doesn't seem to have that predatory instinct in the box that separates a good striker from a really good one though. I'll say one thing for him though, he puts in a shift.

    He'll still get 30+ goals this year, especially if he still keeps taking penalties.

    Good post and I reckon 30 goals would be an excellent return from the English forward in his debut season for the Rangers.

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