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  1. Hearing that the players were raging at themselves and having an inquest in the dressing room about the performance today is great to hear.

    3-0, clean sheet and 3 points but they know they are better than that.


    I'll take a 3-0 win every week but it's good to keep the standards as high as they have been recently and MW will be tweaking the side to get them back to top form asap. :cheers:

  2. I'll be disappointed if we don't get a major trophy this season.

    McCoist should have been aiming for that instead of running the holiday camp.

    I think MW could get this done, and provide one of the best GIRFUYs for many a year.



    Mark Warburton :wub:

  3. Some managers have a passion for the game, and work with that passion to build their careers. While some managers have excellent knowledge of the game, and build careers on the way they build a squad and play the game. Some talk the talk and live off their past.

    Seldom do they have both the passion and the knowledge to execute what they want to see on a football pitch, while also having the enthusiasm and man management skills to push people willingly forward to attain levels that they didn't know they had.

    Mark Warburton is above that.

    Great post mate. Agree with every word.

    There is no doubt We are lucky to have MW and DW in charge of our great club and it's only a matter of time before EPL clubs start sniffing around if we continue to progress under their tenure in charge of Rangers. :cool:

  4. That's nearly true, they have just this evening slipped in a clause that the deal is dead unless we take Ronaldo and Bale on loan to further their experience ...... plus the £18 mill.

    I think it is a foregone conclusion that MW will tell them that he can't possibly promise both these players a starting place, so It looks like the deal may be off ............Football eh? ....... one day your up ...... the next .......... you're on the bench for Real. :(


    I'm too gullible for my own good :mutley:

  5. I'll need to think about it and come back on here, there are so many. Gazza's first goal against them (I think it was his first) made me worship the ground he walks on.

    That was some goal but I have changed my mind and choose Davie Coopers in the Drybrough Cup Final.

    A thing of real beauty that compares with the greatest goals ever scored anywhere by any player. :cheers:

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