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  1. So pleased for wee Hagi..... he made a real difference when he came on today.As some have said - he will be a massive player for us for the remainder of the season.


    He's doing his dad proud!

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  2. Thought he was very good when he came on yesterday - we immediately looked more dangerous when he took to the field.

    Need more performances like that out of him if he's to make the starting 11 on a regular basis but the boy is clearly talented and I think he has a bright future in the game.

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  3. 5 minutes ago, jjbscotty12 said:

    Really impressed when he came on today I think he might get a start on Wednesday.

    I thought he did really well when he came on but I wouldn't start him on Wednesday...... feel he is much better at making an impact off the bench tbh.

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