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  1. Is this confirmed? If so - good luck to the player ..... but he really wasn't quite good enough for Rangers imo
  2. Goodbye and good luck but you were never Rangers class, Josh.
  3. Good move for Greg. To be honest I don't think he's good enough for Rangers but hope he proves me wrong and comes back to us a much improved player.
  4. Enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing Jules.
  5. Different class from GD. Nice to see.
  6. Good post mate. Agree with all of this. Roll on Thursday.
  7. Good team. Will be a tough test for our lads on Thursday.
  8. Excellent interview. It's refreshing to hear such an honest assessment of our performance from our manager. Our stengths as well as our weaknesses.
  9. I thought he he had a tremendous game the other night. Looked every inch an international level player worth millions of pounds. If he can maintain that level of performance he will be our star player.I'm convinced that SG can and will bring out the best in him and we can expect 25 plus goals from the wee man this season.
  10. Enjoyed watching the goals again.......not often you see a team score 3 headers in one game............ thanks to the op for sharing.
  11. Happy with this draw. Confident we will go through.
  12. You had me at "cash in on Windass" tbh mate Yes, I agree wee Middleton looks an exciting prospect. So much so I would start him on Thursday.
  13. Well said that man. I rate Goldson very highly........ think we've picked up a real bargain with this lad.
  14. Very impressed with the back 4 tonight but the team defended well as a unit - especially at the start of the 2nd half when they were on top.
  15. Welcome to the best club in the world Ryan. I wish you the best of luck young man.
  16. Good post mate. Agree with all of this.
  17. Laudrup for me was the more electrifying player........... so exciting on the ball.
  18. Good riddance. Complete waste of a jersey imo.
  19. Fair enough assessment of the game by SG. Job done tonight but we really need to improve bigtime if we are to offer a serious challenge for the title this season. Think we need a quality midfielder and goalscorer as a matter of urgency as we are lacking quality in the final third.
  20. Well done to everyone involved with our youth development. Great stuff.
  21. Sorry it didn't work out for him at Ibrox. Must say l feel he is a better player than most on here would have us believe. Too good for Peterborough IMO. I wish him well.
  22. Sad news indeed. Wish him all the very best in his battle with such a dreadful disease.
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