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  1. What's the latest news on his injury guys? Is he out for the season or is it just 4 to 6 weeks?
  2. Yeah, as everyone is saying - he always gave his all for the club...…….. all the best to him at Saint Johnstone.
  3. TopCat

    Joe Dodoo

    I wish him well but if I'm honest I'm glad to see the back of him...…. waste of a wage tbh.
  4. Has the club confirmed he will only be out for 4 to 6 weeks? That's great news - if true. For the record, I rate him highly and think he should have started yesterday.
  5. I would have liked the club to have signed Shankland while he was at Ayr...…… could have been decent back up for when AM and JD get injured or suspended. BTW How much do we make from the group stages AND qualifying rounds of the EL? Heard the figure 14 million being banded about but wonder if anyone on RM knows an exact figure?
  6. Thanks for posting the article,Spakle…. hate giving the Sun hits.
  7. Love threads like this...…. hearing about the younger generations love for our club. Hope you and your girls are celebrating the morra mate.... along with me and my own family, who are all Rangers crazy. WATP.
  8. She doesn't...….. I just let her think she does mate.
  9. 4 cans of Stella chilling in the fridge for during the game...…. and I might have another 4 if we win! That's if my daughter gives me permission (4 is my unofficial limit according to her rulebook ) lol
  10. Well done to the young Rangers..... thanks for the match report as usual Elfideldo.
  11. So nervous about the outcome of this game …..... but reasonably confident we can take all 3 points if we play as well as we can. 3-1 Rangers.
  12. What was he doing that far forward in the first place? At the end of the day I'm just glad he was there to make such a vital pass.
  13. Great draw......... really excited with our group.......... think we have a decent chance of qualifying for the knock out stage - with a wee bit of luck.
  14. TopCat


    What a player we have on our hands! Will be worth ten million plus in no time if he maintains his recent form. Just love the big guy ……..
  15. I'm actually quite emotional listening to our gaffer ……… he talks with such passion - it's infectious. Just love Stevie Gerrard...…...….. and his teams.
  16. Alfredo Morelos is now officially a Rangers legend imo...….. period. Absolutely love the wee man.
  17. I would like to see that footage mate....... do you have a link? Disappointed in him...... thought he was a decent bloke but he's come across as a billy big baws in this incident.
  18. Not this again...…. they don't want either of us down there. Ever.
  19. Get lost Charlie...…. 800 seats is plenty for that lot. I would rather there were no celtc fans at all than increase their allocation.
  20. 2 massive games coming up - the kind of matches SG came to Rangers to be involved in........ that's the kind of talk I want to hear from our manager.
  21. Nice try Thermo…….. but no cigar mate. Sadly , it's a big no from me...…….simply because it would never work........ too many fans would still sing the original words imo.
  22. I would start with Morelos on Thursday and Defoe on Sunday...……. still a wee bit concerned about AM getting himself in trouble as the scum will be out to wind him up. Could be risky playing him from the start...…… I would bring him on with half an hour to go if we are struggling to score.
  23. This...…. I think he will improve with game time and he's better than Worral - for instance - but he is behind Katic for me in the pecking order at the moment imo.
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