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  1. On 26/11/2020 at 22:54, AlCapone said:

    Right, I’ve educated you and they other  pussies @psb07158@left wingerfor years in the politics forum so let me educate you over here as well.

    Lack of subs? Okay his decision was based on the next game, Falkirk away at 5pm on Sunday so he could afford to drain the legs. This was vastly influenced by the unfortunate fact we had Aribo , jack and Zungu all injured, if Jack  and Aribo had been fit and on the bench they would have came on at 60 minutes. Now look at the players on the park. No change required in the back 5.  In Midfield, Davis and Kamara were the only two that could play their position/role so that’s 7 out of 11 you couldn’t replace. Up front Kent, Alfredo and roofe were all having a good game and full of energy so that’s 10 you couldn’t replace. That only leaves Arfield and again he was having a good influential game and still motoring 

    The only players on the bench that would have been safe to bring on were Barker, Hagi and Itten. Barker would have been a replacement for Kent, Itten for Alfie and Hagi for Roofe but the simple fact was that all of these players on the field were playing well and the subs would have weakened the team. No one else on the bench would have made us stronger in any position. The other subs?  who would you have brought McLaughlin, Barjonas, Bassey, Helander, Dickson, King, or Stewart on for?

    The worrying thing  is that for the first time this season we had a weak bench, a very weak bench and with our next game being as easy as it gets he could afford to take the risk of draining the legs of  the starting eleven.

    in short if Aribo and jack had of been on the bench they would have came on and if we had of say been playing Hibs at midday on Sunday subs would have been made.

    clever strategic thinking by the manager. No short term leftie thinking 

    Summed up to perfection mate........ agree 100%  with all of this.



  2. On 22/11/2020 at 23:42, GA1972 said:

    It’s as much about what we do as anything else

    Yes they’re a quality side but we started the game playing scared a bit last time, if we go out and play with the confidence on the ball that we should then we can be more than a match for them 

    Their recent results have been poor as well, beaten at home by Braga after we played them and trounced by Boavista before. 

    It’s Benfica not Bayern Munich and we’re capable of beating them 

    Agree with all of this mate.......... fancy us to sneak a 2-1 win.

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