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  1. This...…. I think he will improve with game time and he's better than Worral - for instance - but he is behind Katic for me in the pecking order at the moment imo.
  2. He's doing a fantastic job. That was a potential banana skin today but he picked the right team, the right formation and used the right subs at the right times too imo…...…. So pleased for BB too,,,,,,,,, took his goal really well and we can only hope it gives his confidence a huge boost ahead of our next two ( massive ) games. All in all a very good day at the office.
  3. We have the best supporters in the world...… don't care what anyone says.
  4. Shockingly poor record...…….. and it's 3-0 now with 25 minutes to go, so I can't see a comeback.🤣
  5. Great goal...… hope it gives his confidence a boost and he pushes on to be a key player in our starting 11.
  6. So sorry to hear your wife is seriously ill Scott...………. God bless both of you and I hope you can return to RM at some point in the future. Your posts will be a huge loss to the forum mate.
  7. Great stuff from the youths today...…….. that's an impressive result by any standard.
  8. TopCat

    Zak Rudden

    Good move for the player and our club..... hopefully he get's plenty of game time. I wish him the best of luck down south.
  9. I trust SG to make the right substitutions if and when needed - as he works with the players every day and knows their strengths and weaknesses etc...….a 0 0 draw over there is a cracking result...….and I'm sure we can and will beat them at Ibrox. Have a wee bit of faith in our manager guys. He knows what he's doing.
  10. Two threads on the same subject. Please merge admin.
  11. TopCat


    Thought he was excellent tonight...…… my MOM behind Jack and McGregor. He's playing out of his skin atm ......…. and at 22 he can only get better with experience.
  12. Jack getting some ( very much deserved) positive feedback from the gaffer...…. nice to see. Alan McGregor too...……. both players are in top form atm. Next weeks game is absolutely massive for the club...….it's gonna be tight again- as SG says it's a tie between 2 good teams but I hope we can sneak a 2-1 win.
  13. Agreed again with this comment mate....... we shoulda been champions of Europe that theason imo.
  14. To Rangers mate? Who scored our goals btw.
  15. Thought he was long gone tbh........ joke of a player imo.Get rid asap.
  16. I like Kent and would love him to sign for us again but Ojo is a better player imho so I'm not overly fussed if we don't get him………………..I certainly wouldn't spend more than 3 million on Kent. All in all I feel we are very fortunate to have Ojo at the club …… and I think he can only get better as he gets used to his new team mates etc.
  17. Thanks once again for your effort and input to RM Jules...….. much appreciated as you can tell by the many posts in this thread mate.
  18. World class goalkeeper. Period.
  19. TopCat

    Andy King

    Clever signing by the club imo. Could prove to be a very useful addition to our squad...……. he's played at the very top and won the EPL...…. played in the CL......….what's not to like?
  20. Could be another quality addition to our squad given his track record. Welcome to the best club in the world Andy King.
  21. I hope the op is correct but I would prefer we did our talking on the pitch...…. these type of threads have a habit of coming back to haunt us in recent seasons. FWIW I think we can and will win the league - if we can keep up our recent form.
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