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  1. Thought Andy had a smashing game yesterday and did really well in our midweek game too. I have never rated him but if SG  sees him as a useful squad player then that's good enough for me.

  2. The big guy has been different class in every game he has played so far this season. He's some player.


    We'll make big money on him in a few years .......... but not until he's helped us to 55 first, obviously.:pipe:

  3. He did well tonight.... as did the rest of the team. Can't believe there's been a thread started basically slagging the player off after such a good performance and excellent result away from home in Europe.


    Some people have short memories ffs.

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  4. 4 hours ago, bluenose_72 said:

    If Jack and Coulibaly make it I am confident we can progress. It is strange to have so much confidence in a Rangers defence again although the only worry is whoever comes in at left back. If it is Halliday, and I suspect it will be, then having Jack and Coulibaly will give him that extra protection.

    Agree with all of this mate. Good post.

  5. 5 hours ago, Helicopter Sundae said:

    Glad to see you back doing what you do better than anyone else. Don't let the fuckers put you off.



    As for the match.......I'm usually an optimist but  I'm nervous tbh. We need Coulibaly to be fit for this one to have a decent chance of going through.

    They are a very good side and we need to be at our best  to progress.


    Having said all that - I predict a 1-1 draw which will see us reach the 2nd round.

    Come on Rangers! Get intae this mob.

  6. Thought the wee man was excellent again today. My motm behind the impressive Coulibaly.


    However, I agree we need more cover in the striking department - incase the wee man gets injured or has a dip in form.


    Having said that , I do like the look of the unpredictable Sadiq.We have yet to see the best of him...... but he has skill in abundance.

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  7. Great game again today from the big man. My motm behind Coulabily and Alfredo in a solid team performance from everyone in blue.


    As someone else said, it's great to have so many players to pick our motm.Shows we have a number of players bang in form to choose from.

  8. He's improved beyond recognition this season...... a real handful for any defence.


    My MOTM behind Coulibaly and Tav last night. Superb performance from the wee man.:tu:


    Big bids will be coming in for him sooner rather than later but I hope the club do all they can to hold on to him. We need him to mount a serious challenge for the title this season.

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