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  1. 7 hours ago, mitre_mouldmaster said:

    I genuinely think that there is a real problem in us getting fair treatment.

    The problem stems from just how much we are hated by everyone else in this fucking country.

    No matter how bad a call is against us, through social media or phone-ins, there will be more input defending the decision than saying we were hard done by.

    When a decision goes against celtic, or indeed anyone playing against us, phone lines get bombarded, social media explodes, the referees life gets ripped apart.

    I think these consequences play into the minds of the refs, subconsciously at least, so they are far quicker to give a decision against us or avoid giving one to our opposition. 

    Good post mate. Agree with all of this 100%.

  2. 8 minutes ago, Band of Brothers said:

    I get a feeling the players won't want to come off the pitch if they lose he didn't achieve what he did as a footballer being soft he won't accept anything but 100% from the players.

    Roll on the next game and get back to owning our pitch and stadium which was a class quote from him and not heard from past Muppets in charge.

    Good post mate. Agree with all of this.

    Roll on Thursday.

  3. 8 minutes ago, Amato said:

    Not so sure about that. They're a good team, i don't think we can rule out the possibility of them scoring a couple of goals. Wouldn't like to see us sit in and try and defend out the 1-0 lead.

    We need to be at the very top of our game but I'm reassured by the fact I can't see Gerrard allowing any complacency. Can see it being 1-1.

    I agree they are a good side but we proved to be more than their match in the first leg. It's going to be a tough game but if we show the discipline and professionalism required we can beat them again.


    At any rate it's going to be an exciting encounter and I look forward to seeing how our lads stand up to the test........ hopefully we can reach the next round with another excellent performance.

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  4. I thought he he had a tremendous game the other night. Looked every inch an international level player worth millions of pounds.


    If he can maintain that level of performance he will be our star player.I'm convinced that SG can and will bring out the best in him and we can expect 25 plus goals from the wee man this season.



  5. 23 minutes ago, KBOO72 said:

    It's hard not to get overly excited when you see a young man play like that. Fantastic performance and undoubtedly capable of making a big contribution to us this season. Cash in on Windass and let this guy take his place in the squad. 

    You had me at "cash in on Windass" tbh mate:lol:


    Yes, I agree wee Middleton looks an exciting prospect. So much so I would start him on Thursday.:tu:

  6. 13 minutes ago, Hadron Collider said:

    Can we get back to Goldson? He had a heart problem don’t you know. Heart of a bear is what I see!  

    Well said that man.:tu:


    I  rate Goldson very highly........ think we've picked up a real bargain with this lad.

  7. 35 minutes ago, stevemac said:

    Boggles my mind knowing there's folk out there living perfectly normal lives out of the spotlight that achieved so much and don't prattle on about it. From what I heard, he was a car salesman for Arnold Clark recently. Absolutely nuts to think he's pulled on the jersey during such a hugely successful time for the club. Can only hope he fights this recent diagnosis until the bitter end. WATP

    Good post mate. Agree with all of this.:tu:



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