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  1. Fair enough assessment of the game by SG. Job done tonight but we really need to improve bigtime if we are to offer a serious challenge for the title this season.


    Think we need a quality midfielder and goalscorer as a matter of urgency as we are lacking quality in the final third.

  2. 36 minutes ago, smiddy said:

    Defensive midfield player.. Thought he broke up there play well. Sometimes over stretches for tackles but good coaches and experience will take that away.... Will grow into a great Rangers player given the time and coaching

    This all day long.:tu:Think he can become a cracking player for us with more playing time and experience.

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  3. Decent article from big DJ.:tu:


    Personally , I'm as excited as a 10 year old at Christmas as we await the new season. Got my first ST in years and look forward to us putting in a real challenge for the title this time around. Let's go!

  4. 4 hours ago, OnwardsandUpwards said:

    The lad made a serious mistake in his past.He faced up to the consequences and paid the penalty.He doesn’t pretend it never happened nor does he sweep the magnitude of it under the carpet.I would guess every one of us have either done something or know of someone close to us that have made grave errors of judgement in the past.He has a lot to prove and a reputation to restore.Will give him even more impetus to excel for us.As far as the Club selling its soul unfortunately it’s the era we live in where nothing seems sacrosanct anymore.Money rules and in this game that means results.To get them we need better standards of players for all positions and in his case, he fits that criteria at this point in time.

    Welcome to Rangers young man, now go and do all your talking on the park.Succeed there and keep a low profile off it and you will go a long long way to restoring some structure back in your life.

    Well said mate. Good post. Sums up my feelings on the subject to  a T.


    Welcome to the best club in the world Jon son. Do us proud.

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