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  1. Decent article from big DJ.:tu:


    Personally , I'm as excited as a 10 year old at Christmas as we await the new season. Got my first ST in years and look forward to us putting in a real challenge for the title this time around. Let's go!

  2. 4 hours ago, OnwardsandUpwards said:

    The lad made a serious mistake in his past.He faced up to the consequences and paid the penalty.He doesn’t pretend it never happened nor does he sweep the magnitude of it under the carpet.I would guess every one of us have either done something or know of someone close to us that have made grave errors of judgement in the past.He has a lot to prove and a reputation to restore.Will give him even more impetus to excel for us.As far as the Club selling its soul unfortunately it’s the era we live in where nothing seems sacrosanct anymore.Money rules and in this game that means results.To get them we need better standards of players for all positions and in his case, he fits that criteria at this point in time.

    Welcome to Rangers young man, now go and do all your talking on the park.Succeed there and keep a low profile off it and you will go a long long way to restoring some structure back in your life.

    Well said mate. Good post. Sums up my feelings on the subject to  a T.


    Welcome to the best club in the world Jon son. Do us proud.

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  3. 1 hour ago, kaiser1041 said:

    His game won’t progress playing 20 mins every once and a while 

    hes about 6 months younger than Alfredo and he should be judged that way 

    In an ideal world he would get a full match every week to see what he can do/ help him develop.............. but at a club the size of Rangers you need to take any little chance you are offered. Just ask Cummings.


    Chances are few and far between to make an impact at IBROX. 


    I wish him well.:tu:

  4. 16 hours ago, Laudrupsleftfoot said:

    I don't think it's bizarre when he's just turned 21 and has played for Scotland through every age group, i.e. meaning it's surely fair to say he must be considered one of the best young Scottish strikers in the country.

    Would be bizarre if we go into the season with him in our starting eleven, but he's worth hanging onto for now to see if he can deliver on his potential imo.

    I agree with all of this. It's worth a wee gamble keeping him around the club.


    He can come on when we are winning comfortably with 20 minutes or so to go......... or in the LC games etc, to show what he can do and/ or progress his game.

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  5. 14 minutes ago, Gazza1212 said:

    No slight intended on Gerrard whatsoever but we've heard very similar before and really we've learned very little about him from this. Nor will we until the full time whistle blows up at the sheep. 

    Sure the guy knows how to express himself in front of the media as you would expect. We've had it before and it counts for zilch.

    Nobody will know better than him the false dawns we've had here, the real job starts and ends on the pitch so I'm taking nothing from that other than the fact he can handle a room ........sorry but I'll wait on consistent results before I start to get excited. 

    SG will know exactly why we despise Aberdeen and why their jealous fans are filled with hatred for us. 


    Other than that, a very good interview.:tu:

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